Tangram When Ever Where Ever (with Scrap Paper)



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How many times have you wanted to play tangram? While traveling! At class during a free period! At office canteen!
Here is an easy way that you can create a tangram with the things lying around. No special things needed. just a piece of paper and you can start. Following are a step by step instruction of creating a simple but mathematically correct tangram.

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Step 1: Fold the Markers

Take a fairly square piece of paper. I am not going into the shaping a rectangular piece into a perfect square here.

The following lines are to be marked soft as you wont be needing them afterwards (they are just for the markers).
Fold it into half vertically
And again fold it vertically to make 4 sections (3 folds)
In the same manner fold it into half horizontally
And again fold it vertically to make 4 sections (3 folds)
Now you have a square sheet of paper with 16 sections

Step 2: Fold the Tearing Lines

Using the folded lines marked in the previous step as markers make some more hard lines as shown

Step 3: Tear and Enjoy

Now carefully tear the lines made in the previous step to get all the 7 shapes of the tangram.

For playing the tangram, download and print some shapes from the internet and play on!


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