Tardis Transformer:




Introduction: Tardis Transformer:


I've just about finished Mark4 of this build. Sadly, the way it was designed it won't be 3d printable, but I'll leave Mark3 up so people can still print their own if they'd like.

The entire thing was redesigned from scratch, including new transformations and tighter details. LEDs will be included in the head, chest, and canon for a nice glowing effect.

There are a few errors in the rendered picture, but I've got a few days to work those out. Just wanted to get this out there in case anyone saw any major errors or thought I could improve it in places. I'm open to any ideas!

Once I have things finished and in hand I'll update this instructable and lay things out in a more organized fashion. This is a bit of a mess right now.

Updates are regularly posted on TFW2005 and Twitter.

Step 1: Design:

I started the design with clay, but I can't find any pictures of that I'm afraid.

Once I had the basic idea of what I wanted, I found some blueprints of the 11th Doctors Tardis and got to work recreating it. I wanted it to be a show accurate as possible. Then I printed out a 20mm vertion of it and cut it and worked with the clay again to make sure all my ideas would actually work.

Then came blocking out the basic shapes to get a feel for how things would look and be positioned. As you can see in the pictures the design originally started a bit differently. I had to make sacrifices to certain aspects of things in order to make sure I had clearance to make him transform.

Step 2: Printing/Assembly

Updated 7/11/2013 for Mark3 design:

I've included the STL files of the Mach3 design. If you use these anywhere please be sure to link back here and give proper credit.
The files are organized by color, but you can print them any which way you want. I just have blues and whites and different folders so it would be easier to print them out.

To print I first sliced with Kisslicer with these settings:
Thickness 1
Loops 1
Extrusion Width .35
Infill Extrusion .3
Layer Thinkness .25

I used a .35mm nozzle with 3mm filament for Mark2. Both .5mm (for Mark1) and .35mm worked fine, but I got better holes from the smaller nozzle.

You're going to need support, and lots of it!
I had mine set at Dense with a 1mm inflate.
I started using a raft with Mark2 to get rid of any chance of warping on the larger pieces. 6mm outset.

This is a LONG print. You're looking at around 30 hours (with the .35mm tip) all in all. But putting everything together is a snap, with only a small screw to hold the head together, everything else is printed.

The joint holes are larger in this version (2.5mm) and all the joints are beefier. I just used red 2.78mm nylon filament to hold things together and it gives a nice solid joint. The ball joints are just press fit.

To paint it, I used testors enamel with some spray lacquer to clear and protect the paint.
For the decals I just printed out the graphics I wanted and sliced them to right sized and glued them on. If I were to do it again I'd clear over them I think, and still may.

Step 3: Transforming!

Wanted to show how he actually transformed, but the pictures were hard to tell anything being he's printed in white right now. So I did it digitally.

Fold the back down, fold the panels in.
Pull the arms out.
Pull the legs down, and fold the tardis panel over the back of the leg.
Twist the torso around and slide down the hips.
Slide up the head and turn it around.
Finish folding the backpack up into his back.


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    2 years ago


    Will you be at TFCon this year? It will be my first year there, and I would love to purchase one of these.


    This keeps looking better and better. I cannot wait for the opportunity to acquire one of these.

    1 reply

    V6 Production prototype will be revealed at TFCon this year. I'll have prototypes with me show at the NonnefProductions table in Charlotte.

    this is absolutely incredible. unfortunately, i am completely unfamiliar with the 3D-printing scene. Would it be possible to commission this from you? This would make the perfect gift for my boyfriend, especially if it came with the K-9/Lazerbeak!

    2 replies

    Sure. I've got another release coming soon if you wanted to wait and pick up one of those. Just drop me a PM.

    How do we PM you? I am new to this site and would also love to commission one of these from you or if the new release is available purchase one. That's all my son talks about is transformer tardis. It's on his mind when he wakes up and goes to bed. Let me know how to contact you or the details of release and I am in. Thank you!

    Hey. fist I want to say thank you for putting this up. I'm working on the print for Soundwave version now. So far today I have printed and assembled the Left arm. I scaled the model down 20% so it is the same size as my Masterpiece Soundswave. Looks like it matches up pretty well at 80% the size you made the files. It also works better for using the 1.5mm PLA non extruded piece for pins. Fits nice and tight :),

    I am having to sand a file to get the parts to fit properly but that was expected. Attached is the first part I have printed next to MP Soundwave.

    One thing that is not in the file is K-9/laserbeak. I would very much like that file if you have it. I may not be able to print it here but it would be worth it to me to get it printed at Shapeways.

    Printed Arm.jpg
    2 replies

    Looks great! I never ended up printing the new version to test him, so let me know how it goes!
    I've got the new v5 ready to go thats also smaller but I'm waiting for a few promotional things to iron out before I show anything off. Moved away from 3D printing into direct mold milling so the finished k9 files wouldn't be of much use. I will be offering them up myself on the site as finished figures once I can though. =)

    A v5 version would be great. I would love to do the mill mold for injection molding when you get them done.

    I have this almost done. One thing that has been a big issue with getting this together is the spacing of the parts are not there and I'm have to re-size and sand many pieces to fit them together. A few parts I have reprinted a few times and may reprint one more with 100% fill to help make them a little more sturdy. Well as sturdy as you can get with PLA. lol

    Also a few parts are missing like the speer for the gun and the hinges for the back are very skinny. not sure if I'm missing something.

    All in all this is a great model and I have been having fun putting it togehter. :)


    I asked about this a few months ago, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask again:

    Is there any chance of selling this as a kit? I would gladly buy one so quick my wallet would get whiplash. I don't have a 3D printer but would love one of these for my collection.

    Thank you.

    2 replies

    Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: Yes. Soon. By this summer.

    Mark 3.5 will continue to be hosted here on Instructables for anyone to download and print themselves.

    Mark 5 is being tidied up and small finishing tweaks are being performed as I make production prototypes. This won't be released until I've worked out all the hickups in my production pipeline, as I'm sure everyone would want a top of the line product and not something developed whilst working out the bugs.

    For prototype pictures of a finished Mark 4, as well as updates to this and other projects I work on: check out my twitter. @NonnefThandaius


    Thank you for the prompt response. I will eagerly wait for the release of these. I have started following you on Twitter to follow the progress.


    You mean this one?

    Nope! He did a great job though, didn't he?

    I'm having some issues getting this to print on my Makerbot; Makerware keeps printing curling rafts and insufficient supports.

    I can make up for bad rafts by not printing them and spending some extra time leveling my build plate, but any suggestions on how to get this printed easily? I know this is Makerware related, but I was hoping you or someone else might have some insight.

    AFAIK Makerware has a very good slicer (according to online communities), so I'm a bit lost on what to do. Any help would be much appreciated.

    2 replies

    Thanks! I've got the Mark 4 nearly finished and I'm looking forward to posting it for the 50th anniversary.
    I've never used Makerware, so I'm not sure I could be of any help...
    What if you removed support and just cut the model with NetFab into multiple pieces where the overhang is? I used to do that instead of messing with support material and always got better results.

    OMG this is incredible, one suggestion I might make would be to add an English style Bobby Cap with the checkered band to the robot head to give it a bit more English flavor when transformed.