Test Tube Planter.




Introduction: Test Tube Planter.

Hello Friends, This is my first Instructables.

Today I'm going to show you how i made a planter for Pothos plants, using Test tube, Wood and simple tools.

The main frame is made up of wood, But I've also made the .stl file for 3d printing using Thinker cad.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • Wooden piece (Rectangular).
  • 4x Test Tubes.
  • Decorative Thread.
  • Frame Hanger hooks.
  • wrapping wire.
  • Hand drill.
  • Hand hacksaw.
  • Wood glue.
  • Sanding paper.
  • Masking tape
  • 16mm flat wood drill bit.
  • Phillips head screw driver.
  • Wood wax.

Step 2: Shaping and Sanding the Wooden Block.

Dimension of the block is 220mm x 30mm x 10mm.

I cut the excess wood using hand held hacksaw and the sand it on he sanding paper of 150 grit.

Step 3: Making the Full Bullnose Edge.

Using the same 150 grit sand paper I've sand the one edge of the wood to obtain the curve.

Step 4: Sanding.

Now using High grit sand paper I've smoothed the surface of the wood.

Step 5: The Hole for the Test Tube.

The test tube diameter I've used was about 15mm . Using masking tape I've covered the upper surface, so the marking would be easy.

Using a 3mm drill bit First I've made a guiding hole for the flat drill bit.

Then I made hole using 16mm Flat drill bit

Step 6: Finishing Bits.

Smoothed out the Holes suing small piece of sanding paper. Then using Water resistant wood glue i covered the inside wall of the holes.

Lastly using Wood wax I've polished the Surface.

Step 7: ThinkerCAd.

We can also 3d print the main frame, for an ease.

Step 8: Adding the Hanger Hooks.

Drilling a 2mm hole using hand drill at the centre I've screwed the hooks to the frame.

Step 9: Adding the Hanging Rope.

Wire-wrapping around the cord loop closure.

Step 10: Finished.

At the last I added the Test tube to the main frame, and hung it ouside.

Thank You.

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Question 1 year ago

Where did you buy these test tubes? Are they should be with a neck?


1 year ago

Very very very prettyyyy!


1 year ago

Thank you for compiling and sharing this. Good read, very creative and yet simple approach.


Tip 1 year ago

Additionally you could teach us how to make straight cuts using a coping saw! Great skills, and nice tutorial!


1 year ago

Very nice instructable. Congrats!


1 year ago

Congratulations on being Featured, and on being a Runner Up for the planter contest.

Great work.


1 year ago

WOW that is some cool piece of Decor you got there!

That looks really nice. How often do you have to clean out the tubes?