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The Butterfly Ball is a simple piece of Modular Origami. It requires 12 units of easy-to-make pieces. Also, the videos might not show up, so here are their links:

Assemble your Butterfly Ball:

Butterfly Ball Action:

Step 1: Materials Needed

You’ll need twelve pieces of square paper. I used 4cm paper, but you’re welcome to use any kind of square.

Step 2: Fold Your Paper in Half

Easy step.

Step 3: Flip Your Paper Over and Fold the Corners In

Follow the pictures, the blue line is one fold and the red line is another.

Step 4: Flip Your Paper Back Over and Your Unit Should Be a Little Pyramid-like

After making this unit, make eleven more. When you have all twelve units, we’ll move onto the formation of the Butterfly Ball.

Step 5: Tuck One Flap Into Another Pocket

Explaining the process is a little bit hard, so refer to the video.

Step 6: Put Another Flap Into the New Pocket

Almost done with the base, which is the first part of assembly.

Step 7: Put One More Flap Into the Pocket and Make Sure That the Each Piece Has 1 Flap and 1 Pocket

This step completed the base!

Step 8: Now, Put One Piece on the Outside and One Piece in the Pocket

Do this to all of the corners.

Step 9: Choose One Side, It Doesn’t Matter Which One, and Make Another Base

This step is pretty easy, but the next one might be a little harder.

Step 10: Choose Another Side That’s Right Next to the New Base and Make Another Base on This New Side

This is a bit hard but when you see it in the video, it’ll make sense.

Step 11: Choose Your Third Side and Make Another Base

Almost done!

Step 12: Last Step! This Step, You’ll Be Making 2 New Bases So You’ll Do One Side and Then the Other

Good job! This last part of assembly is a bit harder but the whole project is short, simple, and pleasant.

Step 13: Bonus: I Like to Store My Units Like This When They’re Not in Ball Form



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    4 Discussions

    Way2121Penolopy Bulnick

    Reply 24 days ago

    I believe that it’s called a butterfly ball because when you throw it up into the air and hit it, it is supposed to “burst” apart.


    Reply 24 days ago

    Also, the pieces should float down creating the fluttering effect that butterflies mimic.