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    Thank you SO much for giving me a visual to go on for halloween this year. My friends and i came up with this idea almost a full year ago and now we have something to go on. I'll share how it works out! :)

    What size r the boxes that you are using??? My daughter and her friends wanna do this but I gotta know where to start....thanks in advance

    AWESOME! If I can convince my friends to do this for Megacon, someone could go as the God of Tetris! These are awesome costumes! Thanks!

    Gotta Love MICA students they always make the best halloween costumes!

    Were you the guys I saw last year in IV? Don't forget the Tetris music boombox!

    nice job on the AOTS feature on G4. (Watch it again at 10 pacific time tonight if you missed it)

    What would you say those boxes are? 3 foot square? 2.5 foot square?

    That has to be the coolest costume I have ever seen!

    :D You have just given me my idea for group costume. Thanks.

    That is great! I love it. I'm a huge fan of Tetris, so I love it automatically, but still.