The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Pcb

Intro: The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Pcb

You have a great idea and you to be true, a simply circuit.Well follow the steps and you will...

Step 1: The Hardware Part

First you need to desgin the circuit.
1) A pencil
2)Copper board
3)Blanco(This is used to earease pencil and write on it again)
4)Plastic box
5) Peroxide of hydrogen
6)Aqua forte

Step 2: Create

Draw your circuit on the copper with the pencil and overwrite with the blanco

Step 3: Creation

Put in the plastic box some aqua forte and Peroxide of hydrogen(16%,30%) and leave the until you see only blanco routes and no other cooper

Step 4: Solder

Drill the holes,and then solder your parts



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