The End of the Chip Clip




Introduction: The End of the Chip Clip

Reseal those pesky metalized food bags with this super secret technique. No clips, no tape, no stale chips. Watch the exciting video!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

They say a clip is worth a thousand steps.

Step 2: History

Right up there with Man vs. Himself and Man vs. Nature is Man vs. Staleness. Many techniques have been tried. The tape procedure. The clothespin gambit. The dedicated device, a.k.a. "The Chip Clip". The roll-up-and-shove-in-corner-of-cupboard maneuver. The eat-the-whole-bag-at-once system. And others.

Step 3: The Dawn of a New Era

The video shows it all, but Instructables is all about the steps. So here they are.

Start by squeezing most of the air out of the bag so that the front and back of the bag are together and flattish down to the chips, or thereabouts.

Step 4: Roll Down

Roll the bag down to just above the chips.

Step 5: Fold Corners In

With the "roll" on the back side, fold 3 or 4 cm or each end around to the front as pictured.

Step 6: The Tricky Part

Keep the corners pinned to the bag with your thumbs so the ends won't unroll. Use your index fingers to sort of unroll the middle part towards you. Simultaneously, push with your thumbs to tuck the corners up under the resulting overhang.

Step 7: Enjoy, or Not

Promise yourself that you'll burn 1000 calories before you reopen the bag.

Nutritional facts: 130 calories per serving, 45 from fat. 12 servings per bag. Produced in a facility that handles peanut butter.



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    69 Discussions

    Great instructable!! my daughter's friend taught me a different version, same concept...Step 4, instead of rolling, fold corners in at an angle (the bottom of the fold as close to the chips as possible). Step 5, roll the top of the bag away from the folds, Step 6, flip the corners inside out and over the roll top. It stays put pretty well. I wonder what else you can use the fold on?

    THIS ROCKS!!! it works great, NO MORE STALE CHIPSS!!!!!!!!! thank you dude

    Great tip...but...I just tried it with a strong clear plastic bag w/ cheese puffs and it completely unrolls itself. Doesn't hold the fold. Is this trick only for the foil type bag shown in your video?

    Nice. I have another problem where when I first open a bag I inevitably rip it wide open and fling chips all over the floor. Any tips for that one?

    3 replies

    are you being serious? well if you are: instead of using arms to pull you can just grab two spots on either side of the bag near the top and bend your wrists in an outward motion so you just get a little hole and from there you can gradually bring the hole bigger

    The video thankfully had a slow buffer time, so I was following it as it went step-by-step. It didn't help at all, I rolled it the wrong way. Now I figured it out. AND, flipping it upside down, so cool.

    This is cool. It took a little practice to figure out, but now I can do it almost without thinking about it. It drives the rest of my family nuts, however, because they can't figure it out.

    Loved it. The video, the theme, the climactic and triumphant ending. Absolutely brilliant. I smell an Oscar!

    I just tried this technique on a bag of pretzel sticks! It works! Absolutely BRILLIANT!!

    Very useful, kinda happy I don't really eat chips... but I'm sure I know some people who would love this technique, thanks!

    Hahah... the music if from the famous TV show, CHiPs Patrol. Shame on you all for not knowing that!

    1 reply

    I recognized it ...but, then again, I just now seen this instructable. LOL...nice choice of theme music btw ;) I'll have to try this method also, thanks :)

    Top tip! I used it previously for a bag of sweets, then I looked up this tip again as I opened that HUGE packet of tortilla chips - just right to keep them nice and fresh for next time....!

    wow, why haven't I done this before!