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Introduction: The Igloo (Ice House)

About: Hi, I'm Eunchan Park from S.Korea. I have 3 missions Making Happy Things, Sharing How To Make Happy Things, Copying Happy Things Maker for the world's Happiness In order to pursue my mission, I have a big go...

I put a Christmas Tree Light with Neopixel I made. It was more beautiful than I expected!

As you can see, there are snow blocks side by side.

Each blocks are made by the molding printed by using 3d printer.

Let me share how to make it

Step 1: ​Download 3d Modeling

Download 3d modeling files using this link

Link for my 3d printer and materials

Step 2: About Molding

There is long strip on the one surface of block molding. It indicates upside.

It costs around 10 Euros for printing out.

Step 3: Print Out Modlings

Print out one by one by using 3d printer

Step 4: How to Build Layer by Layer

You don't need to print out like this image. this picture just shows how to construct.

Each layer needs a one block molding
(If you have time, you can print out couple of block molding. because it takes time to make a snow block)

Step 5: Construction

You can make an igloo like this

One supplies pile of snow, the other makes a block using the block molding.

The roof is hard to make.
You need to use one or two blocks for finishing roof.

Step 6: Put Any Lights Such As Christmas Light

You can put any of Christmas Tree Light. it will be amazing! if you are interested in making your own, click it.

Step 7:

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    2 years ago

    That looks really fun! :)