The "O-ring" Trick for CPU COOLING Attachment.

Introduction: The "O-ring" Trick for CPU COOLING Attachment.

It's like the "zip-tie" trick but easier. If you don't have the right tools to set up your cooling system and you have to figure out how to attach the Cooling System to your Motherboard. This is the trick for you! I call it the "O-ring" trick. It's just an improvement of the zip tie method but where you can do it just by yourself. Not having another person hold the Motherboard for you.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

Materials List:

1. bag of zip ties about $2 at walmart

2. 2 "O rings" . This can be taken from a pair of keys or at Walmart for around $1

3. 1 Foam Sheet from arts and crafts.

4. Clippers or toenail clippers work. all you need is to trim up the zip-ties.

5. Your Heat-Sink/ WaterCooler from Thermaltake.

Step 2: Thread the Motherboard

This is a mother board that has already been thermal pasted and is ready to install the cooling systems.

Place (2 zip-ties) in opposite directions in all 4 holes. Totaling 8 zip-ties.

NOTE: This is important that you do it right or you end up having to cut them off and doing them again.

Hook the rings on one side first and hook them on the O-Rings because this makes it a hundred times easier than the zip-tie trick. On Both Sides.

I call this the O-Ring Trick because it's never been done before and I wanted to share it with y'all The circle helps center the weight in equal lengths on the cooling system. where if it was just a zip-tie it is scewed and gives un even distribution of the pressure making it hard to guruantee a solid bond of thermal paste.

Step 3: Slowly Tighten the Zip-Ties

Slowly and carefully adjust your cooling mount and zip tie it on one side and slowly zip-tie the opposite side in a zig-zag pattern. This will insure it goes on evenly.

Do the same for the back. until it's tight but not to tight. Leave a gap for the foam to slide in. this will allow some play for the Cooling Unit to be tighted on.

Step 4: Insert Foam Piece.

Cut the foam just alittle biger than your O-Ring like a 1cm around it to give it some space. Then Tighten It Up.

Using some pliers to pull it tight works wonderful. then cut the zip ties but clip till the is just 2-3 notches left this is important so the zips to unzip once installed.

Step 5: Final Adjustments. Boom You Are Done. Finish Installing the Rest.

Once it is tight. Then tighten the front center the O-Ring and Finish tightening.

Once you have it just the way you like it. clip the final zip-ties.

BOOM! your done.

Finish up your install. Mine was a Thermaltake BigWater 760is. You can use this for a cpu stock fan too.

Hope you enjoyed this neat little DIY trick. Leave some comments if you liked this or if it helped you.

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    4 years ago

    With this you can't build up much pressure. So there is danger that tension on the hose may tilt the cooler.

    I used any old original brakkets for fastening my Watercoolers.