The Pee Battery

Introduction: The Pee Battery

Use your urine to make electricity! With the pee battery you can make enough energy to power a small electric motor. It is quite an easy project without the use of dangerous chemicals! All you need is

  1. an empty aluminum can (e.g. coke can),
  2. a piece of copper,
  3. vinegar,
  4. crocodile clips
  5. and urine

Following tools are handy for this instructable:

  • steel wool
  • can opener
  • electric drill

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Step 1: Open the Can

  • Remove the top of the aluminum can. Use a can opener.

Step 2: Remove the Coating Inside the Can

  • Cans have a coating inside. You need to remove it.
  • The easiest way is to scrub it using steel wool.
  • By using an electric drill you can get this job done faster.

Step 3: Set the Battery Up

  • First, add urine to the can. The urine will act as electrolyte.
  • Second, add vinegar to the can. The vinegar will boost the voltage as it adds more acid to the electrolyte of this battery.
  • Third, put a piece of copper in the electrolyte. Connect it with a crocodile clip.
  • Finally, connect a second crocodile clip to the can. Make sure it touches the inside of the can.

Step 4: Power a Small Electric Motor!

  • The aluminum of the can is the cathode, which is the negative terminal.
  • The piece of copper is the anode, which is the positive terminal.
  • The urine in the can is the electrolyte.
  • Now chemical reactions inside the can create opposite charges on the copper and aluminium can, but the urine prevents the charge from flowing.
  • If you connect a motor to both crocodile clips, the charge flows through and powers the electric motor!

I hope you have enjoyed my instructable!

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    2 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago on Step 4

    can we use a light bulb instead of a electric motor?
    and how many voltage in the electrolytes solution?


    2 years ago

    No its an alloy/copper battery with acid electrolyte