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So Halloween is right around the corner and you have either been to busy to make a costume or like me, just to cheap to go buy one, well I got you covered!!

This - The Price is Right Game Show , Winner costume is SO EASY, and will only cost you $11 bucks in art supplies from the dollar store. I made this bad boy in about 1 hour total and the best part? You can wear normal clothing!!! No more freezing your bum off, having no pockets, No face painting or random extras required.

Now, most people that have grown up in North America are very familiar with the iconic game show "The Price is Right" and this costume is a great way to dress up while avoiding breaking the bank.

In this Instructable I will go through the easy and quick step by step process to make this classic game show costume.

Step 1: Materials & Equipment Needed

This costume will set you back about 11 dollars. The simplicity of the materials list will make the entire process that much simpler to construct.

Materials Needed:

  • 3 pieces of Bristol board, different colours ( You can choose any colours but MAKE SURE one of the colours is YELLOW)
  • 2 Pieces of foam board
  • 2 rolls of two sided clear tape
  • 1 roll of white duct tape
  • 1 pack of cheap foam paint brushes
  • 1 roll of electrical tape.
  • 1 heavy duty black permanent marker
  • Some type of rope.

Equipment needed

  • Straight edge
  • scissors
  • sharp knife
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • decent work surface

Step 2: Cutting & Sizing Materials

This first step is simple and evolves trimming the foam board and Bristol Board to fit one another

Step 1 - Reduce the size of the foam board so that it matches the size of the Bristol Board and is a more rectangular shape.

Step 2 - Trim the edges of the Bristol Board to match the new rectangular shape of the foam board.

Step 3 - Trim two thin pieces from the extra foam board cut offs. these pieces will become the support for the microphone in future steps.

Step 3: Taping

The taping process is easy but crucial to make the finished product look professional so don't rush it.

Step 1 - Secure the "cut" Bristol board to the "cut" foam board with two sided tape.

Step 2 - Once the Bristol board is secure now with the WHITE duct tape create a boarder along the outer edge of the boards. This is starting to look like a game panel.

Step 3 - Using the electrical tape create another boarder but on the inside of the white duct tape

Make sure to keep your lines straight and to firmly press everything down. You don't want any peeling off when wearing the costume.

Step 4: Creating the Numbers

Creating the numbers is the hardest part but can be made easy with these steps.

Step 1 - measure the size of the space available for the numbers. For example; I did my green board first and the GREEN space or available space measured around 22.5 inches wide by 12" tall. Now cut the YELLOW board to that size, so that it fits inside that available space but 1/2" smaller then the black electrical tape on the top and bottom. So my yellow sheet was cut to 22.5 " wide by 11" tall giving me 1/2" on the top and bottom of green space.

Step 2 - The Price is Right podium allows for a maximum of 4 numbers in the number area. I only wanted to do 3 to make my life easier and to save on paper costs. To figure out the width of each number simply divide the width by the number of allowable numbers, for example 22.5 " / 4 = about 5.5" per number. Now layout the yellow sheet that is cut to the correct size and create slots at the correct width.

Step 3 - Choosing and making numbers is easy but needs to be strategic. I wanted my wife with have over "BID" me by $1 so to make my life easier I chose $700 and $701. These numbers are easy to draw/cut and because I used repeating numbers I could trace the 7 and the 0 to make sure they are the same size.

Step - 4 Once you have cut out your letters lay them out with the correct spacing and secure firmly with tape.

***Pro Tip - to make the numbers look professional and more game show authentic make sure they are as even as possible in thickness and for an EVEN fancier look make the numbers slightly "Italics"***

Step 5: Creating the Microphone, Name Tag and Adding Rope

The final steps are the simplest steps but make the project come together perfectly

step 1 - Carefully pull the foam head of the foam brushes and insert the thin pieces of foam board into it and BOOM you have a microphone.

Step 2 - With the left over YELLOW Bristol board cut out your name tags. using a thick black marker draw a black boarder around the outer edge of the name tag along with a small black dot at the front tip. Then PRINT your name anyway you want.

Step 3 - With any type of rope that will be comfortable around your neck make a cut in top corner of the game board and push one end of the rope through then secure with a double knot. now measure a comfortable height and secure the other corner with tape.

***Pro Tip - only secure 1 side of the rope and leave extra rope on the other to allow for the costume to be used by anyone with different heights, do the same with the microphone***

Step 6: Fishied and Ready to Be a Winner !!!!

ALL Done !!

this project was FAST, EASY and CHEAP

Let me know what you think :)

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2 years ago

i truly love simple costumes that just WORK. good show.


2 years ago

I love it! Huge fan of the show. And I love me some fast, easy and cheap costumes! :D

Anirudh Ralhan

2 years ago

Ingeniously hilarious and awesome. Love the idea :)

Corasaurus Rex

2 years ago

At the party and people are loving it

photo-2016-10-29, 9:21 PM.jpg

2 years ago

lol! this is awesome :) love this idea


2 years ago

ooh, if you wanted to get fancy, you could add sound effects from the show!

Penolopy Bulnick

2 years ago

This costume is the best and made even better that you made two with 700 and 701. Though I have to say, if you also had someone with a 1 then you guys would be the perfect representation of the show :D

1 reply

2 years ago

This is Hilarious!! Only thing that might improve it is making the bid $701. And you have to act ridiculously hyper. :)

2 replies
Corasaurus RexPunchBeam

Reply 2 years ago

Oh I did! My Wife's game panel is red and reads $701, check the steps you'll see the other one I did for her. Naturally she out bids me ;)

PunchBeamCorasaurus Rex

Reply 2 years ago

Oops, I replied in the wrong spot too. Perfect, hahaha! Have fun!

Corasaurus Rexseamster

Reply 2 years ago

Thanks !! My wife said she didn't want to do anything this year for Halloween but agreed to do something if she could wear regular clothing....Challenge Accepted BAM!!

and now we are going to a party saturday