The Travel Mani




Introduction: The Travel Mani

The Travel Mani is a collapsible and portable stand that holds a nail polish brush so one-handed users may paint their nails.

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Step 1: Assemble Travel Mani

The Travel Mani consists of three parts: the brush holder and two legs. Place legs into slits of underside of the rectangular brush holder.

Step 2: Stand Travel Mani Up for Use

Place the device in upright position with large circle on rectangular brush holder facing upwards.

Step 3: Open Nail Polish

Open bottle by using one hand or by placing in between knees and unscrewing cap. Apply desired amount of polish on to brush.

Step 4: Place Polish Brush Into the Travel Mani

Place brush through top of the rectangular brush holder.

Step 5: Ready for Use!

The Travel Mani is now ready for use. Stroke nails under brush to paint. To reapply polish to brush, either place bottle under brush to dip brush or remove brush from holder and dip into bottle.

Step 6: Instructions for Printing

The STL file for printing will be used to print. The only adjustment that may need to be made is for the size of the polish brush. Measure the diameter of the polish cap, the length of the handle, and the length of the rod holding the brush. This width will determine how much space the device will take up. These adjustments can be made through CAD by changing the lengths and radii of the cylinder.

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    Great accessibility project. I could see this helping a lot of people.