The Timecapsule Gift Box





Introduction: The Timecapsule Gift Box

A broken timecapsule (Yes, power supply failure, thanks Apple) transformed in a beautiful gift box for the girlfriend.  Got rid of the guts and added two hincenses to the lid and body, a silk cushion and a nice photo made it complete.



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    This is the best thing Time Capsule will do for you.. because soon or later it will die anyway, much better using as a gift box than a big apple logo paperweight box.

    nice use of broken tech!  Apple's design is worth re-purposing when it stops working right.

    not to be a downer, but my time capsule stopped powering on and Apple replaced it for free even though i have no warranty.  anyone else might want to call Apple and talk to them before digging in to their non-functioning time capsule.

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    Indeed, Apple does replace broken products, because they are so assured in their quality that they will replace it for free if a product questions this quality. And I suppose the unit is then examined to have the issue fixed in the next release.

    Hah! They refused to fix a MacBook that self destructed (the fan stopped spinning at some point and, not noticing that the machine eventually burned out). I'd had the unit for 4 months at that point. They called it user induced damage because I didn't notice; you know what with the fan being totally silent and the box being on a desk whenever used so I never noticed any heat.

    I have a 4 year old Toshiba with an extended warranty that I just got fixed, they fixed it for free including shipping and had it back to me within a week. They even cleaned the unit and replaced some of the plastic because it was lightly scratched. Apple won't be seeing any purchases from me ever again, Toshiba on the other hand will definitely be seeing future purchases from me.

     That's funny, Toshiba refused to fix MY computer, so that was one of the reasons I got a Mac...

    How much more ironic if you'd actually made it into a traditional 'time capsule' and buried it in the backyard full of cool treasures. :)

    Nice Instructible all the same. :)

     Oh, give them a break. Apples' been working 24/7 and very hard, so they can design high quality products. If the Capsule broke, it was probably not by them. 

    Other than that, good instructable!

    007dna   :)

    For gmjhowe:  Your completely right, I should of used other hinges, problem was that I could not find the right ones in time and there was a deadline involed for this project.  I also dind't make a instructable for this because I dasnt only look easy, it exually is. The last two detail photo's are uploaded for this reason, but I think a structable was maybe a good idea...

    (bytheway, this wasnt my timecaspule and this one was already rejected by Apple, but it died to early indeed. 

    I noticed that there is an utter lack of time capsule instructables (not talking about Apple time capsules). Most guides I see are just general guides with no step-by-step instructions how to construct a time capsule container. Someone should totally write one.  :P

     Haha, that is excellent, I bet she loved that!

    For future use, you can get these little plastic hinges, designed to be affixed with glue. If you use some polycement (like for model making) it would bond better than screws, it would blend in really well also.