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Introduction: Thermal Imaging Phone Camera

About: I am Andy Rawson and I make things. I usually end up making things that are expensive to otherwise obtain. Like a Stereolithography 3D Printer or a Thermal Imaging camera. Check out my other projects at http...

I have a 100 year old house that can be drafty and hard to heat in the winter. I have been wanting a thermal imaging camera to help find leaks ever since we bought this house. So I finally just made my own.The temperature readings are overlaid onto the phone's camera display. The display is adjustable for different temperature ranges and can show the numeric reading for every zone or just 1.

No, it is not as nice as the $2000 - $10,000 cameras but it is good enough for most things you need a thermal imaging camera for and it is also rather fun to play with too. 

I would like to make and sell these so others like me can save money and energy. I should be able to manufacture and sell them for around $150. The software for iPhones is ready, the Android software will be available soon. This is also going to be an Open Source Hardware project so if you want to make your own that is fine too. 

Andy Rawson
RH Workshop

UPDATE: The Kickstarter is now live!



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Pretty sure this project has been sold out to flir or some other big company as all info and sales of this item diapered a few years ago and new product from big company flir now exists this is not open source anymore

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Didn't you say this project was going to be part of Open Source Hardware?

I'm very interested in this as I've been wanting/looking for a good working decent Thermal Vision Cam, but their soo expensive. I'd really like to know more about this product. I can sell many of them if they are decent and as cost efficient as I read. I believe you have my email, I'd really like some more info on this. Thanks,

How you guys are matched to devices such as Therm-App ( that offer a better resolution and a price tag of below $1000?

I will buy 1 ASAP and can get u a ton more orders for them - can you contact me at


hello Andy, can you tell me ,this Thermal imaging camera is al building ,ready, or sell.
thank you , manny greating from holland.

can i,m sell from you , so yes , what ist the price for this thermal imaging phone camera, or can y make.him self. thank you. Gerrit.

This is awesome. I also am a big supporter of Kickstarter projects so I definitely want to see yours going soon. I hope the expected delivery is soon though... being able to use it this winter would be very beneficial.

oops, just noticed your comment saying by the end of the month. I just bought a house and want to use it for the same reason as you.

AWESOME! I was seriously considering putting down $1500+ to get a thermal camera that would have been total overkill. I will be picking one of these up when they are available. My only thing is whether I can wait, I'm tempted to grab the sensor and roll my own for now if it's going to take very long to get through the kickstarter-funding-developing-producing-delivering cycle. Great find on that sensor, and good looking app too. +1 to Android support. Btw, you're using wifi for easier compatability with iPhone users right? You could use BT on Android and make it a little cheaper, no?

And uhm.. Since this works with an Iphone, I'd imagine it would work with an Ipad as well??