Things You (Might) Not Know About Minecraft.

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Hello guys, in this instructable, I'll be showing you some things you might not know about Minecraft. Let's get started!

Step 1: You Can Make a Mini Nuke in Minecraft

You can make a mini nuke in Minecraft using rails and tnt minecarts.

By placing the minecart on the rail, and right clicking on the rail a bunch of times, you can make a mini nuke. Then push the minecart off the rails and get ready!

Step 2: You Can Place Paintings Over Doors.

You can place paintings over doors to make a secret room to hide diamonds and other valuables.

Step 3: You Can Make Sand Float.

By placing sand over tall grass and then breaking the grass will make sand float.

Step 4: Flip Animals Upside-Down by Naming Them Dinnerbone or Grumm.

You can name an animal Dinnerbone or Grumm to flip them over.

Step 5: Slimes Can't Swim.

Slimes cannot swim in water, whilst Magma Cubes can't swim in lava.

Step 6: Water and Lava Can Stream Together.

Lava and water can stream together if the lava is one block higher than water.

Step 7: Zombies and Skeletons Don't Burn on Soul Sand.

7. Mobs that burn at day won't burn on soul sand.

Step 8: You Can Easily Delete Items Using a Cactus.

Drop a item into a cactus to delete it.

Step 9: You Can Place More Than One Item in a Item Frame.

Using a fence and item frames you can put more than one item in a frame.

1. Place the Item Frame and put your item in the frame.
2. Look at the fence and place the second item frame.
3. Walk through the item frame and right click with the item you want.
4. Enjoy!

Step 10: Snow Golems Wear Pumpkins.

Snow Golems wear pumpkins as masks. Their face is revealed when you walk through them.

Step 11: Spider Eyes Have a 100% Chance of Poisoning.

No matter what, you'll get poisoned by eating a spider eye.

Step 12: Right Clicking Armor Will Put It On.

Right clicking armor in your inventory will put it on.

Step 13: Pressure Plates Will Hold Lava and Water.

Pressure plates will hold back water and lava.

Step 14: Fences and Nether Brick Fences Don't Connect.

Nether and regular fences don't connect, allowing for cool designs.

Step 15: There Is a 1 in 10,000 Chance That the Title Will Say Minceraft Instead of Minecraft.

If you are lucky, the title will say Minceraft instead of Minecraft.

(I had to use a picture that I found online for Minceraft. That's why the version says 1.2.3, this will still work on the latest version.)

Step 16: I Hope You Liked This!

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    Damn. To bad this doesn't work on xbox edition. Keep it up. Good work! ?


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    Already knew lost of it but I did like the frame one keep them up

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    This was very good but when you are taking screenshots try hitting F1 to hide your GUI

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