Three Card Monte (trick)

Fool people and make then look stupid every time

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Step 1: Equipment

Get 2 identical (if possible) cards and one different card

Step 2: Bending the Cards

Slightly bend along the black lines (not a long the white lines like I have done) so they are easier to pick up with your fingers

Step 3: Terms and Picking Up the Cards

Black cards = looser
Red cards = winner
Real throw = throw the cards without fooling the audience
Fake throw = throw the cards normally but fool the audience

Turn all cards upsidown on the table top

Pick up a loser in your left hand between your thumb and your first finger

And loser in your right hand between your thumb and your second finger

Then pick up the winner in your right hand between your thumb and your first finger

Pick all up at the centre crease

Step 4: Dropping Cards

To let the person your fooling think they are good at this game, show the picked up cards to the audience. drop the winner in the right hand onto the table then drop the looser in the left hand onto the table, both face down! Then throw the last looser down on the table also face down. Throw all the cards in a row. Do this slowly so the person thinks the game is easy. They should know where the winner is and pick the right card

Step 5: Master and Repeat Step 4

Do step NO 4 many times to make it look like the game is easy

Step 6: The Trick

Hold the cards normally. Show them to the audience and instead of dropping the winner on the table let the looser slide out between your thumb and 2nd finger onto the table first (all in your left hand). So now 1 card is on the table, people think it is a looser but it really the winner drop the rest of the cards normally this should be done quickly and effortlessly so the audience support nothing

Step 7: Keep on Practising

Master the whole trick and fool people over and over again

Step 8: A Bit of Info

If you ever see somebody doing this trick but getting people to put money on what card they think is the winner stay well back



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    14 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is so cool if you have any more cool ideas please email them to


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, what hamO said. If it's illegal, why should we need to know it? Check out my Instructable, [simple money getting trick] *note* this is not illegal, this is just a trick to some money at school.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    gambling displays, magic tricks, making money fast & illegally... in about 15 minutes with a good monte team (yah, you usually have somebody there to A. look out, and B. help you get MORE $$) bump up the bet, offer a couple "double or nothing" deals, and get out of there with fists full of cash.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I use a different method .... at the end of the monte, as a final display of my deceit, I rip off the corner of the "money" card so that the letter and symbol show, and set that corner on the table in plain sight. I then shuffle the cards and get the bets as to where the money card is... and the suckers still lose.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Spell Checker!!!

    Diagrams would help where the descriptions falter.

    The game is called "Three Card Monte"

    1 reply

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Three Card Monte is only illegal if you charge people money to play. Doing it for fun is perfectly legal.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    The game is only illegal fro two reasons. First, you need some sort of license in most cities to do something like this on the street, and people never get them. They could be playing the game with the cards face up, and making everyone a winner, and it would still be illegal in this regard. Second, when it's played on the street, they do it so there is no way to win. They will show the winner, and then not play the winner, so no which card you play, you can't pick the winner. The way around this is to piack the card you think would be the winner, then put you hand down on it, claiming it's the winner. Force them to turn over the other two, showing losers. Your card must be the winner. Of course, be prepared to get your butt kicked if you even think about touchihng the cards. So, please, don't touch the cards. Repeat, DO NOT TOUCH THE CARDS.