Throws Darts Using Rubber Bands

Introduction: Throws Darts Using Rubber Bands

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In this instructables learn to make darts in a simple way and very cheap, maybe now you've got everything you need to do. Actually is a gift from my brother in law for my kids, they love this kind of stuff.

Note: This fun throws darts requires your caution, if you do not take preventive measures, can cause you serious harm or hurt yourself or others.

Never atents against an animal, person or living thing, if you're a child, ask a family member or adult who support you.

Step 1: Materials

  • straws
  • bobby pins
  • rubber bands (3")
  • box
  • target shooting (You can print an image on a sheet)
  • wood (3/4"X 1 1/2")


  • hammer
  • metal file or sandpaper (or anything else that you can take to get edge)
  • nails

Step 2: Making Darts

We take bobby pin and bend it in half the smaller end, we took the other end edge with a metal file.

Step 3: Holder

Place the straw along with bobby pin, measure the distance between the fold bobby pin and the end of the straw, put a mark. Right on the mark cross the bobby pin and turn until the tip point to the end of the straw. We took a rubber band and cut. Ensuring bobby pin the straw using the rubber band, leave a small tip to tie after, we turn around the straw, with the highest tenseness you can.

Do it as often as needed, so that both ends staying close again, trying to do the opposite knot the folded side of bobby pin. Your dart is done, you can do many, if you want to compete with friends, you can use different colors of rubber bands or straw.

Step 4: Arc

This simple arc allows us to throw the darts as far as you want (obviously this depends on the tenseness that you give to your rubber band).

Cut two pieces of wood of 15 cm and placed one above the other, leaving a gap of 2.5 cm, secure with nails. Now just put two nails on the table top at a distance of 10 cm between them, let them protrude about 2 cm.

Step 5: How Is It Used?

Be very careful when throwing darts, holding the bow with your hand, my recommendation is as seen in the pictures, but can vary as everyone can, with your other hand places the dart with the end of bobby pin on the rubber band and stretch more than you can, be sure to set the target and spear. Well done!

You need to find a technique, you can move the rubber band on the height of protruding nails and also, you can change the position of the dart, PRACTICE!

Step 6: Time for FUN ;)

Now that you finished and know how to use the arc, require to exercise your aim, put your target shooting on a cardboard box, and start shooting. You need to start with a small distance and if you see that your strength is devastating, take a little more distance.
I leave a video where my brother in law demonstrates his bad aim :) .

[Play Video]

If you like and you have a little time, vote for me. I die for a robot T-shirt :( .



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    I know a 10 year old boy who would love this, which is why I probably won't show it to him. Great job on your first Instructable! I hope we see more from you in the future!

    1 reply

    Honestly I think he could play darts, long as you are present and store when not is so, it is a way of living with our children too. Thank you!