Tie Dye

Here is my old school Tie Dye Tee shirts.
Use cotton, and avoid man made materials.

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Step 1: You Need

Here is what you need.
1 x pack of dye
5 x TSP salt
Twine or elastic bands
Tongs or rubber gloves to keep the material submerged
6 Liters of hot water.
Water should be heated to 40 C.

Step 2: Design

Tie twine tightly on the areas you want to keep the original colour.
Make sure the material is natural, and not man made.
Cotton works best.
Wet the material,
Add the dye and salt to the water.
lower the damp material into the water,
Keep the material submerged, move it around for the first
15 minutes,
continue to mix the material around regularly for the next 45 minutes.

Step 3: Dry Dye

Drain the Dye and rinse the material in cold water until it runs clear.
Now wash the material in warm water.
Dry away from  direct heat and sunlight.

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