Timer Delay Using IC-555

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Intro: Timer Delay Using IC-555

This is timer delay circuit using ic-555.

Component required :

Small PCB


Resistor : 10k, 100K, 4.7K

Capacitors: 0.01 uf, 470uF

Step 1: Working:

The timer ic 555 monostable multivibrator has one stable state and other quasi stable state (Astable). It will be in stable state untill trigger applied to trigger pin of IC.

When trigger is applied to PIN then output goes to High and Capacitor starts to Charge through resistor R.

When Voltage reached to (2/3)VCC then Capacitor Starts discharging and output goes to LOW state.

The circuit remains in its stable state (LOW) until next trigger occurs.

Step 2: Circuit:



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