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Especially really appreciate Nicola Hoelzl (who is a translator) sent the great feedback and modified tutorials to make it better. Now the article is updated with Nicola's great suggestions, please enjoy reading. Thank you so much, Nicola!

Tinkercad is amazing, but here is no one command to match an object (like text) to another object (such as a curved wall). However, the combination of hole and group commands can achieve these complicated shapes.
In this tutorial, you are building curved text as an example. The matching video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgVfIfT-Xso, but it will be easier to follow these steps.

Step 1: Ready? Let’s Start!

First, create the wave shape. Under Community shapes, find and edit the “S Wall” shape to match the wave in the screengrab.

Step 2: Add Text

  1. Drag the Text shape from right panel and enter your text.
  2. Rotate the Text to make it perpendicular to the S-Wall shape. Hold down the Shift-key while you rotate to make this more accurate.
  3. Stretch the depth of the Text (or raise the height in the inspector).
  4. Move the Text to cross the wave object, as on screengrabs above.

Step 3: Make Hole of the Negative Space

  1. Cover the Wall shape with a Box shape, while letting the Text shape pop out in the front and back. Optionally, let the curved Wall shape stick out to easily select it later. (This might not work for other shapes, so learn to deselect using Shift-key.)
  2. Set the Text as hole.
  3. Group Text and Box.
  4. Set new group as hole. Now your design will look like the screengrab above.

Step 4: Conform Text to Wave Shape

  1. Select the wave shape, use Ctrl + D to duplicate the object in the same location.
  2. If you had the shape stick out, now change the height of its duplicate to less than the grouped Box-and-Text hole.
  3. While the duplicated shape is still selected, hold the Shift-key to additionally select the grouped Box-and-Text.
  4. Now group these two objects.
  5. Use the arrows on your keyboard to move the letters a bit out of the wave and change the color.

Step 5: Try This Process on Other Shapes!

Try this process on other shapes!

Step 6: Practice: Create Text on Sphere

Using the same method, please practice to create text on the sphere surface.

Or, you also can MAKE A TROPHY FOR THE ONE MILLIONTH TINKERER!! create your text on the trophy.



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5 Discussions


3 years ago

This is a very smart tutorial, but I can never find this Wave shape. I ended up using the S Wall shape, but it's not as nice. Will you please tell me where to find this Wave shape?

2 replies
Ally ZhaoNicolaH4

Reply 3 years ago

Thank you so much for your great suggestions, Nicola! The article is updated with your suggestions! The S wall I used was inserting Clip from Community Shape Generator on Page 7 and then cut it with hole and group.

NicolaH4Ally Zhao

Reply 3 years ago

What a great way to use the community shapes. Remember the money clip tutorial? I feel so stupid, it didn't come to mind sooner. That would also work. I have both approaches in an updated doc and will send it soon. For your tutorial, it doesn't matters all that much, because the idea works for any shape... I was just stumped on that first step, when I can't find what I see.

So, thank you Ally, for helping me teach how to get the most out of the program. When the students get to the last part, it blows their mind every time. You can hear it in the classroom. quiet*quiet* ohhh * woww *


3 years ago

I need to try this. Getting text on a curve surface with tinkercad is something that I never could get looking right


3 years ago

Cool. Nice method