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Hey guys I'm back with my second instructable, "The Tire Boxing Bag". If you're like me your too cheap to buy a boxing bag and would rather make one yourself, or if you just like to recycle this is just for you. This bag is incredibly easy to make and costs almost nothing as you can get worn out tires for free. It's a great way to stay in shape with cardio kickboxing, or to hone your skills for the cage or even the street.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

For this instuctable you'll need

-Power Drill and Drill Bit
-Vice (not pictured)

-Worn out tire
-Eye Bolt (4x)
-Fender Washers or any washers will do (8x)
-32 inch long 3/16" link chain (2x)
-Nut that will fit your Eye Bolts (8x)
-"S" Hook
-Wench (or if you want to make it more simple, tie it instead of using a wench)
-Pipe Insulation

Step 2: Marking Your Tire

You need to measure the width of your tire's side and mark it in the middle. My tire is 4" so I make my mark at the 2". Now you need to go DIRECTLY across the tire and do the same to the opposite side. Next start at one of your marks and turn the tape diagonally from side to side until you have both of the sides the same length, such as mine being 14" on each side from the top.

Step 3: Drilling Your Holes

Now take your drill and make the holes where you have marked. Be sure you are as precise as you can be with your measurement and drilling. And remove your tape once you have made your holes.

Step 4: Setting Up Your Eye Bolts

Put your chain in one of the "eyes" and close the bolt's eye around the chain. Next make sure your chain is straight and isn't twisted and close the other bolt's eye around the other end of the chain. Now repeat this step on the your other chain and you should have 2 of the chain sections I have pictured above.

Step 5: Fixating and Mounting

Put your eye bolts in the holes and put your other washers and nuts on them and tighten them firmly so the tire's weight won't back them off. Be sure to make a X with the chains and to find the middle link on both chains and mark them. Now go and put them, crossed over one another, on your "S" Hook and wrap the wire around it so it can't jump off of the hook. You way have to use a tap and hammer to make the links bigger to fit the "S" hook. Measure, cut, and attach your pipe insulation to the chains. I like to hang my bag from a wench so I can adjust its height to exactly what I want.

Step 6: Get to Training

Alright so now you know how to make a tire boxing bag, its a cheap, easy, recycle oriented training gear. It's perfect for your garage and weekend fight clubs or if your just starting out with your first Martial Art Gym and you want to save money. It features awesome curves and angles perfect for facilitating a variety of strikes. Plus it's a tire, so it's extremely durable and can take unimaginable punishment. Have fun with it and if you train hard there's no limit where your drive can take you if you dedicate yourself.


I would appreciate any constructive criticism or any ideas you want me try leave me a comment, If you feel the need and would like to keep up with new stuff I come up with, follow/susrcibe.

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    9 Discussions


    3 years ago

    make it 5 tires and wrap with someting spongy like a yoga mat to make it more like the reguler sand bunching bag


    5 years ago

    YoltzSpike, thank you for your insight. I hung it more for kickboxing than boxing. This bag is designed to accommodate power kick such as the Muay Thai roundhouse kick or the TKD/TSD front and side kicks.


    5 years ago

    wouldn't it make more sense to make this vertically with sandbag in the middle? I don't feel that punching a tire would be good for ur knuckles or wrists


    5 years ago

    Throbknob, Not if you wear bag or boxing gloves. Also, this bag is great for no gloves if you're into Iron Bone Conditioning, that is featured in many styles of Kung Fu and especially in Muay Thai. You just can't beat on the bag a ton your first time or two though.


    5 years ago

    Wouldn't you break your hand


    5 years ago

    would be quite nice with 4-5 tires together, closer to the size and weight of a reg punching bag


    5 years ago

    Cool project. Great way to recycle old tires.