Tire Planter




About: Landscape designer, artist, and educator

After meeting Per Havgaard this past summer, he told me how schools in South Africa would use old tires to create small gardens for each of the students. Hearing this, was inspired to find an old snow tire in the garage and quickly prototype this in the backyard.

Step 1: Removing the Upper Ring

You have two options to get started

  1. You can remove the top part of the tire, this will make sure that your soil doesn't overheat when the tire traps heat inside.
  2. You can leave the whole tire intact, this will help retain moisture and require less watering.

Ultimately, this is up to you! Take into consideration your environment and the plants your planning to grow.

Step 2: Dig Out Foundation

Next, you'll want locate a spot for your planter.

Digging out a shallow pocket for the tire to sit in will help provide a solid foundation.

Step 3: Add Soil and Plants

Fill the tire in with soil, making sure that you're not compacting the soil too much, but are also filling the space.

And then add your plants. For mine, I decided to go with two pepper plants.

Keep in mind the size your plant will eventually grow to be.



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