Toasty Toes - Insulated Foot Mat




When the winter weather is wicked and outdoor activities are aplenty, this Toasty Toes mat will be your new cold-weather bestie!
With just a few simple materials and an hour of your time, you can create this Toasty Toes mat for your next outdoor halftime.

List of Materials

  • scraps of utility/indoor/outdoor carpet, (2) 14" squares
  • Filler fabric - thick poly interfacing, for example
  • Heavy-duty thread
  • Velcro, 2" x 6" piece


  • heavy-duty scissors or utility knife
  • leather hole puncher
  • ruler
  • large-eye needle
  • white marking pencil

Step 1: Create Layers

Sandwich layers:
1. carpet

2. filler fabric

3. filler fabric

4. carpet

I cut 14" squares, which should be large enough for most sized boots. I used iron-on interfacing, 1/16" thick, hence the iron. Not necessary, but it helps with slippage when sewing. Your filler fabric should be synthetic/bonded, so as to not absorb water.

Step 2: Sew Sandwich

Mark dots along each edge for hole punching, about 1/2" apart.

Punch through holes.

Thread needle. You'll need about 150" of thread total. Pull only half of thread through your first hole, to keep your sewing feed manageable(when that runs out, switch needle to tail feed to finish second half of work.)

Sew a basic whip-stitch, keeping it fairly tight.

Step 3: Sew on Fastener Loop

I ended up only using the hook portion of the fastener tape, as the carpet backing gripped well enough to it.

I punched 8 holes through all layers to create two x's for sewing Velcro to mat.

Step 4: Field Test Results

Today was very cold out. Fifteen degrees F with a 10-15 mph windchill of negative something way below that.

But Science, so I brought my mat out for experimentation.

1. Four minutes on mat

2. Temperature of under boot. 30.9 degrees F

3. Two minutes on ice(it was cold out!)

4. Temperature of under boot. 20.5 degrees F (w/4 min, I'll guess it would have been 10 F)

Step 5: Conclusion

This thing works!

Easy to make. Easy to transport. Easy to use.

Everyone will want one!

~ Cynthia

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    4 months ago on Step 5

    Awesome, voted! Reminds me of my Dad telling us when he was a boy in Norway they'd all go watch the speed skating races, and everyone brought old newspapers to stand on. Apparently made a HUGE difference in how long you could stay out. Now, with newspapers dying out, this instructable is a great way to avoid standing on your phones/tablets/laptops!