Toddler B.o.b.

Introduction: Toddler B.o.b.

Break out bag for toddler.

Safe but useful items

Intro to education in wilderness for my little guy.

Just like his dads.. But miniature.

Step 1: Scavenge for Gear!

I'm big on not spending money when it comes to survival if possible. My 3 year old and I ran around the house for a good 3 hours finding useful items to add. Great way to keep him busy and learn about the basics of wilderness survival.


We found
Instant oatmeal
Chez mix/fruit energy bar
Wet naps
Piece of tube for a straw
Steel cup
Pop can burner
Plastic fork
Water bladder
Small jar of honey

First aid:

We found
Band aids
Hand sanitizer
Some scraper thing(could be useful for something lol) wrapped with duct tape(unwrap tape and use.
Safety scissors


Hot weather; sun hat, wet shirt, swim trunks, sunglasses

Cold weather; gloves, face covering hat, thin base layer sleep pants, wind breaking pants to go over top.

Bag to hold can also be use as fishing net, somewhat of a sifter, etc.

Fire kit/light;

Flashlight(extra batteries)
Magnifying glass
Pencil and pencil sharpener (kindling)
Dryer lint


My old cell phone, charged.
Compact kids fishing rod(walmart, one thing we bought)
Pipe cleaners(fasteners)

(He will not be using fire kit until he is way older lol) unless ofcourse there is a survival situation. This is again is for education because you never know. Teach them young and they will become masters of the wilderness. And when he is older he will be more prepared for the outdoors!

Step 2: Pack It Up

We packed each section in different bags and stuffed it all in an unused backpack we found.

We put his own tent through the straps. We are always keeping an eye out for useful items! Ongoing hobby that we can share.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Great bag and good idea to keep LO busy for a while. Question, why honey and tongs?


    5 years ago

    Those are great tips thank you, always felt my first aid kits we're missing things

    Cheese Queen
    Cheese Queen

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Good bag- nice to see you look for stuff around the house before investing hard to find cash.

    3 very important things to go in a little one's BOB; Immodium for diarrhea, Benedryl for allergic reactions and your favorite fever-reducer (all in generic equivalents, of course). Adults need these too, but kids are especially susceptible.