Tool Drawer Organizers

Introduction: Tool Drawer Organizers

Time to organize those tool drawers!  If you're like me, you might have have an older drill bit or 50 left over from various projects laying around loose in your tool drawers that aren't quite in bad enough shape to throw away yet.  You might also have a couple of dozen screw driver bits scattered all over the place.  And if your wife is like mine, she might not appreciate you using the good Tupperware to organize your tools.

So, I took an empty cereal box, laid down a layer of duct tape (bottoms and sides), used a razor knife to cut the box along the edge of the duct tape and voila!  Instant (and cheap) tool drawer organizers!  These are the first of these that I've made.  In the future, I may make some that are a bit sturdier by using corrugated cardboard.  I'm thinking the flat rate shipping boxes you can pick up for free from your local post office will work nicely (free is good).  But for now, these are perfect.  My "drill drawer" doesn't rattle anymore!

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Step 1:

Make them as short or as tall as you need them to be.

Step 2:

And here they are, in the drawer, doing their job!  A very simple project!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ah the joys of boxing our treasures up. Just seems to make the stuff more valuable doesn't it? It does to me! I've gone as far as to make custom sized boxes out of cardboard I've salvaged out of other boxes for just the right fit. I did that for my Allen hardware drawer. Now every thread has its own box. Sure beats sifting through a pile to find the right size. When I make my custom boxes I prefer the adhesive that the pros use too, hot glue. It is fast, easy, and holds well.