Tool Demagnetizer





Introduction: Tool Demagnetizer

Aren't you pissed off when you pick up your screwdriver and a screw gets stuck to it??? I got tired of that and decided to build a demagnetizer out of an old transformer which was pure crap (i mean the transformer was crap)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You need only 3 things to do this Instructable:

Old EI transformer which you don't mind destroying it
Hammer (the must have tool in every workshop :D)
20 minutes of your precious time (5 minutes for reading this Instructable, and 15 to build the demagnetizer)

Step 2: Taking Apart the Transformer

When you have successfuly  selected the "victim" its time to take it apart. Take apart the housing of the transformer, bolts which hold the laminations(if there are any), and hit gently one side of the transformer with the hammer to get all I laminants out from one side, and do that on the other side. When you will get the I laminations out use one of them to get the E laminations out. After 2-3 E laminations ripped out the transformer will get fall apart by itself.

If you are more experienced transformer destroyer you will wont be needing more than 10 minutes to do this

Step 3: Geting Back the Transformer

When you have disassembled the transformer, and until you blink its time to take it back :).

You will wont be needing the I laminations for this, which means you will need to throw them, or do something else with them. You will put back all E laminations in place all turned on way (not like when you disasembled it) and put just the primary (if you can't separate the primary out of the secondary you can leave it like that, or unwind the secondary) and...JOB DONE!!!! now you are ready to try it out.

Step 4: Using It

When you spended a time of your life doing that its time to try it out. First you will need to secure the transformer somehow to the table you are going to use it on(just temporary). Plug in the transformer, and get the tool you want to demagnetize to the transformer, because of the magnetic field the tool will be drag down to the core, and you will need to get it out of there (pull it) and test the newly demagnetized tool on some small nut to try if your demagnetization was successful, if it isn't do the same thing again. And you are DONE.



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    7 Discussions

    what type is an El transformer? ac to dc or is it a stepup

     what voltage are you running this on? i hope it isn't 230(or 110, depending on where you live)

    3 replies

    its 220V, but it cant kill you if you are put the connecting wires on a side...

     you're seriously running 220 trough alligator clips!?!? the least you should do is add some heatshrink around that, this thing's a deathtrap! but seriously you should NEVER EVER have exposed mains voltage, even if it can't kill you it will hurt like hell, and if you grab it in the wrong way it can and will kill you, when touching mains your muscles will contract, causing you to clench anything in your hand, meaning you can't actually let go until it's plugged out,

    i am using alligator clips when i was testing it, and then i took that picture. I don't leave anything to run more than minute with alligator clips. i have connected other cable after i test the demagnetizer....

    I actually like having screws stick to my screwdriver. Take a powerful magnet and stroke your screwdriver about 20 times on it and voila! free magnetic screwdriver.

    1 reply

    sometimes i like my screwdrivers to pick up screws, but i dont like when small bits of metal stuck to my gauge meter, or on any other tool except screwdrivers, i pointed screwdrivers because they are mostly used, you can demagnetize every tool that you have in your workshop that doesnt suppose to pick up metal...I hope you understand what i mean.