Toothbrush Holder



Introduction: Toothbrush Holder

Here's my first instructable; a toothbrush holder that can be made in about 30 minutes.

What you will need:
-A cheap plastic cup.
-Exacto knife or razorblade.
-Marker (non permanent)

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Step 1: First Step: Acquire a Cup and Trace Outline on Paper

You're going to need  a tall cup, one that is tall enough to allow all toothbrushes to hang down, and the plastic needs to be somewhat thin so that you can easily cut through the cup.

Next you need to trace the bottom of the cup along the corner of a sheet of paper so that the circle is tangent along two sides of the paper.

Step 2: Draw Guide Marks

Use a pencil to draw lines along the sides of the circle and on the inside such that you have a perfectly segmented grid on your circle. The number of grid lines depends on you. Note: this also can be done on graph paper.

The small x in each corner designates special points for my particular pattern. In this case I use a ninja star-looking patten.

Step 3: Draw Your Pattern Inside Your Circle

This part is completely up to you, or you can use the same pattern that I use. The important thing is to make the toothbrush holes large enough to hold the toothbrush, but not too large so that it will fall out either.

I cut square holes about half an inch long on each side.  Then I tapered the entry holes so that the toothbrushes can be easily removed. You may try experimenting with different sizes for your toothbrush.

Step 4: Cut Your Template and Tape to Cup Bottom

Once you've drawn you design it's time to cut out the template. You may want to shade in the areas that will be cut.

After you cut out your template, it needs to be mounted or adhered temporarily to the bottom of your cup.

I used clear tape to keep my template in place. Don't forget to trace around your template once it's on your cup. You will use these trace lines to cut out the pattern.

Step 5: Use Exacto Knife or Other Sharp Blade to Cut the Pattern

DISCLAIMER: This part is dangerous and you should be extremely careful!!!!

This is the most difficult part mainly because it requires good cutting and trimming skills. Your craftsmanship with a knife will determine the outcome, but if it's not perfect don't worry...remember it's just a toothbrush holder anyway ;)

I used the straight edge sides of the cup as a guide for the legs. It turned out okay. Also be sure not to cut all the way down to the lip of the cup because you may lose some rigidity (which you may or may not want).

Hopefully this was useful or,  at the very least, gave you some ideas about alternative ways to hold your toothbush.

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