Toothpaste Tube Change Purse





Introduction: Toothpaste Tube Change Purse

This is a toothpaste tube transformed into a change purse. Or it could be used as a secret hiding spot.

Maybe this instructable will motivate you to brush your teeth more.

Step 1: Materials

For the materials you will need:

  1. A empty toothpaste tube
  2. A zipper a bit shorter than the tube
  3. Scissors
  4. Thread
  5. Needle

Step 2: Wash Out Toothpaste Tube

Give your toothpaste tube a squeeze to open it up if it is flat like mine. Then wash it.

You can do this before or after cutting it.

Step 3: Cut the Toothpaste Tube

Cut a slit as long as your zipper in the toothpaste tube.

Then make it wider so your zipper will fit.

Remember you can always make the slit bigger but you can't make it smaller.

Step 4: Make Sure the Zipper Fits

Stick your zipper in the tube to see if it fits.

Make the slit bigger if it doesn't fit.

Step 5: Sew

First unzip your zipper.

Then sew up one side and down the other.

Step 6: Done

Enjoy your new change purse.

Here is one with a white zipper and one with a black zipper.

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29 Discussions

I think this is awesome! It really is a great in-plain-sight hiding place.

I especially love the photos in the last step. You get bonus points for cleverness!

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So far I have made 5.

4 of the flew out of my hands


I'm trying to start a plastic project in my village in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. There is no sanitary landfill and everything tends to either get burned or put into the river to send the crap back to India.

This is a great idea. I hope it works well enough to have the women sell them. If anyone has any other things for a recycle project please contact me at FrugalTravelsNepal (at)

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that is awesome can't wait to make tons of these my mouth is going to taste like a ton of baking soda after all this toothpaste (i use toothpaste containing baking soda its really great and its whitening by colgate.)

That's neat! Nice instructions and photos, and clever use of old tubes.

Great for Travel safe money stash! Darn, I don't use toothpaste, ( I make homemade) so I'll have to scavenge a tube. Haha, this is so cute and clever!

I will stick bills in mine. No one even looks at toothpaste tubes. Very cool.

Thanks! This gives me ideas

very creative. One change, use a white zipper to make it more hidden

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