Touch Screen POS


Introduction: Touch Screen POS

Raspberry PI could be the Touch screen POS.
We (YoungPOS) just completed the Touch screen POS (Point of Sales) with Raspberry PI. We call it Raspberry POS and it could connect to Receipt Printer, Kitchen Printer, Barcode Scanner and Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR). It is really full POS system for Restaurant and Retails. We could share this project to everybody who interested in POS solutions. You could visit us at to see these pictures/videos or you could share some information.

Step 1: Full Diagram System for Restaurant

Connect to Receipt Printer, Kitchen Printer, Barcode scanner, MSR, Cash Drawer

Step 2: Connect to Printer Via RJ45 Jack

Connect printer directly to switch network device

Step 3: Connect to Touch Screen Monitor, Printer

Connect these POS peripherals device (Touch Screen Monitor and Printer)

Step 4: Starting

Now we plug power and it is running

Step 5: Touch Screen Testing With Debian OS

First UI for Raspberry PI

Step 6: Touch With Our POS Software

Touch with monitor 17"

Step 7: Print Receipt Out Within 2 Printers (receipt Printer and Kitchen Printer)

Printer print a receipt out.. The receipt printer is left and the kitchen printer is right. They connect to the switch network device

Step 8: Connect to Scanner, MSR Via USB Hub

Connect to USB hub. We could to connect Barcode scanner and MSR device (USB port). Full POS system



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    7 Discussions

    what is printer model and brand ? How many printer included in the package ?

    Is the POS software open source?

    do you have monitor androi touch for 15 plgs

    It would be interesting to see this with mobile payment compatability (google wallet / apple pay)

    This looks like a good way to save a bunch of money on an iPad POS system. And a great way to set something affordable up for a small business!

    2 replies

    We have the new Touch Screen POS within the best price (just 378USD/pc)

    Touch screen monitor : 13.3"

    ARM Quad Core A7 (1.6GHz), 1G RAM, 16G ROM

    Android OS

    POS software (for Restaurant / Retail / Beauty Salon)