Touchscreen Stylus




Introduction: Touchscreen Stylus

An easy to make stylus for your phone/tablet.

I did not make this up, the original idea is  from a Youtube video.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need...
- Q-tip
- pen
- foil
- pipe cleaner (optional)
- cutting tool

Step 2: Take the Ink Out of the Pen

You just need the pen tube.

Step 3: *Optional Step*

Fold a pipe cleaner to a little bit shorter than the length of the pen and slide it in for a cool look.

Step 4: Add the Q-tip

Cut off the end of a q-tip to about 2cm and put that in the tip of the pen.

Step 5: Wrap the Foil

Next you have to wrap the foil around the tip of the pen, make sure that the foil touches the cotton or else it wont work. Cut some slits on one side of the foil so that it wraps evenly around the angled tip of the pen tube.

Step 6: Water

In order for the charge to be transferred from your hand to the touchscreen you will need to put a small drop of water on the tip of the pen. Now you are done! ( you may need to re-wet the tip from time to time to keep it working properly.)

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    3 years ago


    and you can put a stick of souvlaki to quit and to put means in pen to keep constant swab not from the side who are mothers from the side where the cut and post to close the lid of the column


    5 years ago on Introduction

    cool and it looks good, too bad theres not a way to either keep the tip damp or to use it dry!