Toy House From Waste Cereal Box



You need an empty cereal box, a pair of scissors, four thick papers, sketch pen, tape, and glue.

Step 1: Make a Roof

Stick the opened upper sides of the box with a tape or glue to make a roof of the house.

Cut a thick paper slightly (half a centi.) larger than the roof.

Step 2: Stick Papers on All the Side of the Box

Stick thick white or printed (pref. brick pattern) on all the sides of the box.

Step 3: Draw and Cut

Draw roof, door, and windows in the pattern of bricks with gel pen or sketch pen.

Cut open windows and doors leaving two sides (left & right) uncut.

Fold the uncut sides.

The toy-house is ready.

You can add LEDs or a lamp to lit the house.



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