Toy Rocket Ship

Introduction: Toy Rocket Ship

This is a prop that I built for a movie, but it can also be a fun build for an actual toy rocket!

NOTE: You can follow all my steps if you want, but most of the steps you can take and do something different to customize the rocket yourself. BE CREATIVE.

Here's what you need:

-White, blue, and yellow big packs of model magic (really you can pick any colors you want but these are the ones I used) (one of each)

-White acrylic paint (or whatever color your base is to match)

-paint brush

-glue (elmers or hot)


-TIME: you need to give this thing about 72 hours to fully dry. You should take at the very least a few hours between each step to make sure nothing gets squished the wrong way by accident.

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Step 1: Base and Top

Take your entire pack of white model magic and role it into a smooth cylinder (preferably on a flat surface and not just with your hands). Once you have a smooth shape that you like, poke a hole all the way through. This should be between the half way point and the top. Shape and extend the hole until you have something to your liking.

Then paint the whole thing over in white paint. Now warning, if you paint it, the rest of the model magic parts you use will not stick and you will have to use glue instead. So if you want all the parts to just naturally stick together, skip this step. However, white paint will prevent cracks later on when the model magic completely dries, and it will hide any dust particles that show up so easily in it when you're shaping it.

Then take a good handful of the blue model magic. Role this into a much shorter cylinder and then role it into a cone shape. Before you glue it, make sure the bottom of the cone and the top of the base are the same circumference. Then glue. Afterwards, make a strip of yellow and lay it around the entire gap between the top and base. Take a pencil and then make little holes along that yellow strip to make it look like little bolts.

Make two more yellow strips and use them to outline both sides or your window. Do the same thing with the pencil.

Step 2: Wings

Ignore the lettering in this picture for now.

Now its time to make three wings. Take your blue model magic and make three L shapes. Then bend the bottom down a bit so it's more of a 120 degree angle. Glue those to your base. Pick which side will be the front and then evenly distribute them from there. Just leave room in the middle on the front so you can add your lettering.

Then make three little yellow strips. These should stick right to the blue by itself. Just outline the bottoms.

Step 3: Lettering

Take thin strips of whatever color you want and make whatever letters/numbers you want with them. This step is completely customizable of course. Use glue to stick them on when you have the letters/numbers done and know your placement.

Step 4: Let It Dry

I know it may be tempting to play with right away, but let it dry, at least for a day, that way you can keep the structure and things wont get misshapen.

After that, you're good to go! Have Fun!

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