Transform Recycled Cardboard Into Shoes




Below you will see a step by step process of how to take leftover cardboard and transform it into functional shoes in 2 styles.

Step 1: Find the Right Size for Your Shoe and Trace the Base Shape, Then Cut It Out

Step 2: Repeat the Cutouts and Layer Until Your Desired Thickness

Step 3: Add Half Pieces to Make the Heel Higher Than the Ball of the Foot

Step 4: Draw and Cut the Heel Piece, Wet the Cardboard So That It Is Malleable

Step 5: Form the Pieces Into the Correct Shape and Let Them Dry Into the Form

Step 6: Cut Out the Toe Piece and Wet to Form to the Rounded Shape

Step 7: Cut a Rounded Piece and Two Toe Pieces, Glue Together and Form Into a Mounded Shape

Step 8: Cut and Glue Side Forms to Each Side of the Shoe

Step 9: Wet Some Cardboard and Form an Insert for the Shoe's Sole

Step 10: Cut and Glue Two Strips to Be Laced Up

Step 11: Using a Hole Punch, Create Holes for the Laces and Cut a Thin Strip of Cardboard Paper for the Lace

Step 12: Lace Up Each Shoe Using the Holes and Strips

Step 13: Cut a Long Strip and Pull Off on Side of the Cardboard to Make It More Flexible. Hot Glue It Around the Perimeter of the Shoe

Step 14: Use Mod Podge to Coat the Shoes and Waterproof Them. Add Rubber to the Soles for Traction.

Step 15: Your Final Product Is Wearable, Waterproof Shoes, With Sole Traction Made Out of 100% Recycled Cardboard.

Step 16: Let's Make a New Style of Shoes!

Step 17: Trace and Cut Your Two New Soles

Step 18: Trace and Cut the Heel Shape and Cut As Many Pieces Until You Have the Desired Heel Height

Step 19: Stack the Cut Heel Pieces and Glue Them Together

Step 20: Line Up the Heel Piece With the Cut Out Sole and Glue Together

Step 21: Cut Strips to the Desired Width of Your Shoe Straps. Make Sure to Cut Cross Grain So That You Can Condition the Cardboard by Bending It Into Rounded Shapes

Step 22: Tape the Strips Across the Sole to Form the Desired Straps

Step 23: Once They Are All Taped in Place and You Check That It Fits Your Foot, Go in With a Glue Gun and Secure the Pieces Firmly

Step 24: Add a Strip of Paper Around the Heel to Give It a Smooth Finish and Then Use Mod Podge to Coat the Whole Shoe

Step 25: Attach Velcro or Any Other Fastener Around the Ankle Strap So That You Can Take It on and Off

Step 26: Now You Have 2 Styles of Fully Functional, Water Proof Shoes Made Out of Recycled Cardboard!



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    6 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Hi! But did you wear them? And if you did how long they lasted? ;))


    2 years ago

    Soo cool- have you ever really worn them?


    2 years ago

    This is so creative and amazing. It caught my eye, even though I didn't want to make it. It looks like you could put it on a mannequin and make a whole cardboard outfit to go along. Maybe even enter it in a art show!!! :D


    2 years ago

    I am an art ed teacher of middle school girls. We study VanGogh's shoe painting, and draw from real examples. This will be a terrific addition to the 2D painting lesson! Thank you!


    2 years ago

    These look great! What was your influence to make them? Did you wear them anywhere after making them? Was it for part of a costume?


    2 years ago

    Both of them are fun designs. :)