Transforming Optimus Prime and Bumblee Bee Costumes 2011

Hi these photos are of my boys Halloween costumes for last year.  They wanted to do something different so they decided to be real transforming transformers.  This project was lots of fun.  We first collected the right size boxes.  Boxes that were big enough to sit on the boys shoulders.  We then sketched out the outline of the costumes.  Then we started building.  The mechanical part was the hardest part.  Bumble Bee's mechanics happened by accident. we were trying something else but the box accidently  fell  and transformed on its  But everything  came to life once we figured it all out.  Then we painted them and added details. 
The reaction from the crowd has been and is still amazing. .. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy !!! 
Big shout out to all of the stores who were happy to give away their boxes.  Another shout out to Sherwin Williams  pant store who sold me the gallon of yellow paint for $5.00.  The costumes were bought off of ebay. And the talking Optimus Prime head was a gift for Christmas. Total cost for the costume was less than $60.00



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