Trashbag Raincoat for Dog & Owner

Introduction: Trashbag Raincoat for Dog & Owner

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Have you seen the plastic rain ponchos you can buy? This is an inexpensive way to make your own version in minutes! When it's raining, it's too bad if the rain ponchos are in the store -- you need to get there first! So here's how to make a full-body coat just for you and a neat cover for your dog too! I'm sure you already have all the things needed. . . .

- large plastic trash bags
- scissors
- tape

That's it -- now, let's start!

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Step 1: Raincoat for You!

Let's start with the raincoat for you. You will need two large plastic trash bags. Cut out a hole for your head and two for your arms in the closed end of one of the bags. Cut off the closed end copletely from the other bag to make a tube.

Insert the tube in the open end of the "body" bag and tape on the inside. This is very important. If you tape on the outside, the tape will become wet when it rains. Also, you want to make sure that the skirt is inside the body and not the other way around, because that way the rain can run off without getting caught in the seam.

Now, try it on and cut the bottom off so the coat will not be too long. Use the plastic scraps to fit a belt.

Note: If you are makng this for a child, you probably will not need the skirt part.

Step 2: Raincoat for Your Dog!

Time to make a coat for your cutie! For this you will only need one bag (unles your dog is a horse!).

Start by reducing the length of the bag to just a little longer than your dog, cutting off the end that is already open. Then, cut open one side of the bag, so that only one end and one side remains closed. To finish, cut a hole for the head in the one corner that is still closed and fit a belt from the plastic scraps.

Now, try it on!

If the coat slides forward over the back when your dog walks, you can cut off the end so it fits your dog's rump and tape it together on the inside. Do not tape all the way down, though, as the dog need to be able to walk.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Raincoats are for rain, obviously -- but not just for rain. How about wearing it to a party? Or posing for an instagram shot? Get crazy, look crazy – this is a crazy idea!

Please share photos of yourself in the comments!

(Thank you to my mom and our dog Dalli for posing for the photos in this instructable. Also thank you to my mom for showing me how she made these coats.)

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