Tree House




Introduction: Tree House

One day my sister called me and said: I have two used large wooden crates, I want to build from it a tree house for my children, can you help me?

As a designer I was glad for the opportunity and immediately sat down and started to design and plan how to make these two boxes into one unique and beautiful tree house.

I have made several designs versions and we chose one of them together me and my sister.

For a better understanding how it will be look like at the end. I did a simulation and I placed it in a picture I took out at my sister backyard.

Step 1: Recycled Materials

These are the boxes that my sister found.

The wooden pallets have become the floors of the structure.

The rest of the recycled material used after sanding and pinting for the walls of the house.

Beautiful savings !

Step 2: Slide

During the planning I found an abandoned old slide, I asked the owner if I could take it ...

As you can see he had no problem to give it away.

I removed the old paint, repaired fractures and painted it .

great !!

We have another part of the puzzle :)

Step 3: Measuring the Area and Laying the Foundations

We measured and marked the locations of the legs according to the size of the pallets and the design.

Six holes dug in the ground at a depth of about 50 cm.

Then we poured the concrete and stabilized the metal bases.

We used a spirit level and thred to align the bases In relation to others.

Then We waited 24 hours to the concrete dries...

Step 4: Materials

1. We ordered materials - Pine wood , Mainly 50x150 mm

2. We cut the desired dimensions and we painted most of it.

Step 5: Construction Process

In These pictures you can see the progress of construction.

Step 6: Details

Step 7: Drawings

All size are in mm



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    9 Discussions

    Why isn't this in the trash to treasure contest? This is awesome!

    That looks excellent. Did you have to purchase a lot of lumber or was it mostly from the crates?

    1 reply

    Thank you

    We bought some of the construction material , you can see a picture of a pile of new wood ,the recycled material used for flooring and walls

    I won't lie, as an adult this playground looks amazing. Great job!

    1 reply

    The size of those crates. What did your sister order, 2 bull elephants from Amazon prime?

    1 reply

    :) They contained farm equipment