Triangular Modular Origami Box




This is a quick and simple modular origami box. Even a complete beginner to origami should be able to make it without any problem. Though simple, it does make an attractive little box that's great for holding some delicious candy! 

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Step 1: Materials

-3 square pieces of paper
-tape, glue, or staples (optional)

Step 2: Folding the Unit

Start with the paper color-side down, oriented in the diamond position.

Bring the top corner down to meet the bottom corner and crease.

Bring both the right and left corners down to meet the bottom corner and crease. 

Step 3: Folding the Unit Cont.

Unfold the right and left folds made in the last step.

Bring the bottom corner up to meet the top edge and crease. The last two folds also serve as a guide for this fold.

Unfold the last crease. 

Step 4: 3 Units Total

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to make two more units. 

Step 5: Connecting the Units

The unit will be connected by the left and right triangles at the top. 

Open one unit and align a second unit along that triangle. Close the unit.

Connect the third unit in the same way.

Bring the units in to meet each other and connect them to form the triangular box shape. 

If you're just going to be filling this with candy and leaving it on a desk or something then cool, you're done. If you want to pick up the box while it's full of stuff and move it around though, you're going to want to secure the bottom in some way with tape, glue, or staples. 

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7 years ago on Introduction

Heh, that was fun; you can almost make them as fast as the YouTube clip lasts :) I first made one out of post-its, but I didn't have any skittles to put in .. Then I noticed I had this old stack of almost-square paper laying around .. so uhm .. now I have a box that holds boxes :p

1 reply

Haha no, that's their natural shine (as natural as Skittles can be). They're my "display Skittles" because I've handled them a lot to display in other projects like Lego candy machines and they've been in direct contact with coins, eww!