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Triena - Hi-Fi Bluetooth headset with aptX codec and 3D printed case.

As a fan high-quality sound, I decided to make the original BT pendant. I created a few designs that I want to show you.

The uniqueness of 3D printing and conclude that it is possible to create unique designs with a small edition and stylized to suit your taste and opinion. None of this technology can not be done. You yourself is the creator of beautiful and useful in a single device.

Pendant works with any phone based on Android and iOs. The module is integrated audio codec aptX. Pendant can be used as a wireless headset.

You can connect electret microphone and get high quality wireless headset.

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Step 1: CSR8645 Chip.

I found the F-3188 module, as the module is based on CSR8645 chip.

This module is produced by many manufacturers. You can buy it on Ebay or Aliexpress. Search for the tag "CSR8645" Description CSR8645 chip Datasheet module F-3188

CSR8645 supports aptX codec, which for me was a major factor.

Module F-3188 is very simple. only a few components need to connect it. There is no need of programming as all control terminals already on the module.
Two modules can be operated from a single sound source, so you can make a an excellent BT loudspeakers.

Step 2: PCB BOM.

To make the BT headset, there are two ways. You can connect the module to the debug board using several components. But it is better to make a PCB factory, as I did.

So, we need:
1. Module F-3188

2. The PCB. You can order it to your nearest service boards. All GERBER files you will find in the folder

3. Buttons TACTB-64K-F 6 pieces

4. Socket micro-USB charger.

5 . LiPo battery 130ma.

6. LEDs SMD0805 3 pieces of different colors.

7. The resistors 10k and 2.2k to a few pieces SMD0805.

8 . Capacitors 100n and 1mF SMD0805 2 pieces each.

9. STC4054 controller charger chip

10. Any wired headphones.

Step 3: PCB Soldering.

First solder module. Spacing small so can be difficult.
Next solder all the other components. Select the required length of the wires and solder headphone headphone wire on the board. For better fixation of solder joints may need a drop of super glue.

The battery is connected to the last.

For connecting an electret microphone need a few more details. The board is designed and on such an option.

Note the center button. It duplicates the PLAY button. This is done for the expansion of the housing design capabilities.

Step 4: First Start of BT Headset.

Getting Started
Press and hold the POWER button. As soon as the two LEDs start blinking, search for BT device on your phone. You will see the device "F-3188". Pairing completed.

After that turn your favorite track on the audio player and enjoy.

Step 5: Case of Headset.

The case of the device.
You can choose any design that I have made or come up with your own.

Of course, you can make a pendant for yourself.

If you're a fan of "Pirates of the Caribbean" or heavy metal music the pendant is suitable for you "Jolly Roger".

There are design "X-wings" for fans of "Star Wars."

But you can make your own design on the size that is in the photo.

You can create an original design of your favorite team, community, group, family or your company.

Your options are limited only by your imagination.

Step 6: STL Files for Printing.

STL files can be found here.

These files are for the model "Hearts".

This model uses a clip that significantly shortens the headset cord.

Step 7: Listen to Music!

Listen to music in good quality with pleasure!

Ask any questions.

Good luck!

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3 months ago

Nice! I wonder how'd you get the Triena board part though.

Bought the board over a year ago and just starting to continue the build. Soldering it was a pain, but eventually I was stuck on the fact that the negative speaker wires are differential and should not be shorted.

Right now trying to put all grounds to AGND and left LN and RN disconnected. It sounds right, but I think I faintly hear some weird phasing sound. Either faintly or just my imagination.

Wonder how it will sound if I just connect the buds with the grounds separately like you did!


3 years ago

I apologize if i overlooked it, but i do not see a charging port anywhere,

Also , what is the effective range and battery life of this Bluetooth headset?

i intend on setting this on the inside of an over-the-ear headset, need to make sure that it is easy to charge the device and keep its charge for a good long time.

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago

You can see the port of micro USB in all pictures.

The effective range - 10 meters.
Time battery life about 10 hours.


3 years ago

I also do not have a 3-D printing program


3 years ago

I have a doubt were is the battery in this case and how much in we have to give

2 replies