Triple Berry Pie (It's DiVine!)




This pie is my pièce de résistance.  It looks beautiful and is my favorite type of dessert:  berry pie.  Serve it up with some homemade whipped cream, and I don't think life could get any better.  I hope you enjoy!


Step 1: The Crust (Pate Brisee)

This recipe is for one double-crust 9" pie. To get a flaky crust, the key is COLD.  I refrigerate all of my ingredients about 30 minutes prior.  At the very least, make sure the butter and water are both cold.


2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp. salt
2 Tbsp. granulated white sugar
1 cup unsalted butter, cold and cut into small pieces
1/4 - 1/2 cup ice water

Combine flour, sugar and salt in a food processor (or bowl, if that is what you have to work with). Add butter and pulse to combine until resembles course crumbs, about 10 to 15 seconds (if using bowl, cut the butter in with a pastry blender). Add ice water in a steady stream, starting with just 1/4 cup. Process just until the dough pinches together. If necessary add a little more water until you get to this state. You should not need more than 1/2 cup nor require longer than 30 seconds processing.

Turn the dough out onto your work surface and divide in half. Shape into flattened discs, wrap each into plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour. (The dough can be frozen for up to a month; thaw overnight in the refrigerator before using.)

Take one disc and roll it out onto your floured work surface until about 12" in diameter. Roll from the center out and rotate your crust quarter turns occasionally to avoid sticking.  Transfer the crust to a 9" pie pan.  (To transfer, I gently fold the dough into quarters and unfold in the pan.)  Trim the edges, leaving about 1/2" overhang and then fold them under. Cover with plastic wrap, and place in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

Take the second disc, and roll it out as above. Cut about 3 to 5 long, thin pieces from the middle. Transfer to a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Gently pinch each piece all along the length, and then roll so it is rope-like. Do not roll it very hard, as the idea is not lengthen the piece, just round it. Using a small flower-shaped cookie cutter, cut out and transfer about 7 flowers to the cookie sheet. With the remaining dough, use an almond-shaped cookie cutter to obtain as many pieces as you can. From the scraps, cut out small circles that will be the center of your flowers. For this last part, I didn't have anything just the size I wanted, so I roughly cut the circles and shaped them with my fingers. To finish off the leaves, use a knife or clean razor blade to lightly etch "leaf lines" into each almond-shaped dough piece. Cover with plastic wrap, and place in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, continue on to the berry filling.

Step 2: The Triple Berry Filling


5 - 6 cups mixed berries (I used blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.)
1/2 - 2/3 cup granulated white sugar (depending on your desired sweetness)
1/4 cup tapioca starch OR corn starch
1 tsp. ground cinnamon (I forgot to add this; still tastes great regardless)

Rinse and dry the berries.  Place them in a large mixing bowl, and stir in the remaining ingredients until uniformly coated.  Set aside.

(Also pictured are the ingredients for the next step:  1 egg, separated and heavy whipping cream.)

Step 3: Assembly & Baking

Additional ingredients:

1 egg, separated
1 Tbsp. heavy whipping cream

Remove the bottom crust from the refrigerator.  Use a pastry brush to apply a thin layer of egg white to the bottom.  This will help prevent it from getting soggy.  Pour the filling into the crust-lined pie pan, and use a spoon or spatula to get a roughly even surface with which to work.

Whisk together the yolk and cream.  Brush a thin layer around the edge of the crust.

Remove the crust flowers, vines and leaves from the refrigerator and let sit for a couple of minutes.  Start by putting down one long piece of rope-like dough across the top of the berry filling in a loopy, simple way (like an S shape).  Just make sure each end overlaps the bottom crust edges.  Lay down the other rope-like pieces as branch offs, keeping the design simple and loopy.  Cut down the lengths of the dough rope as it suits you.  Don't worry about bad branch connections or cracking/breaking pieces; you can always cover them up with leaves.  Once you are satisfied with the general vine shape, brush a thin layer of the yolk-cream mixture over it.

As you finish decorating from this point, apply the yolk-cream mixture on the tops of each piece as you go.  Use a little on the undersides of those that do not want to stay (especially the center of the flowers to their petals); it'll work like a paste.

Wherever you want to designate as the 'top' of your pie, that is where you will place a flower.  First place a leaf lightly down on either side.  Place a flower down between them, slightly covering the inner corners of the leaves.  Place several more leaves around the edge.  You will have to raise the previous leaf slightly and slide the new one under.  You can place as many around the edge as you want.  I did not go all the way around but left a few inches opposite the flower uncovered.

Place as many leaves as desired hanging off the vine branches.  You do not need to pinch these down; just gently place each where you want them.  Place your flowers where ever looks good to you.  Overlapping a leaf or two looks nice.

Place the pie in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

In the meantime, preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place the pie in the oven on top of a cookie sheet.  At about 10 to 15 minutes into baking, place an aluminum foil ring over the pie edges to prevent them from burning.  Continue baking for another  35 to 40 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

Serve warm, at room temperature or cold.  Whipped cream or ice cream are excellent with it.


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Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

That looks beautiful! Martha Stewart would be jealous. Well done, and thanks for posting the picture.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

The cake turned out to be not only good looking but also good tasting!

Thank you aganin for your instructable.


3 years ago

My friend made this pie.

Opps lol wrong photo?


3 years ago on Introduction

This is my 2nd attempt and I think I finally got it! This pie impresses everyone! It's a lot of fun to make. I use Ina Garten's pie crust recipe but followed your filling and crust decor tips exactly. Thank you!!


I am chomping at the bit to find the time to assemble, new, tasty, beautiful, works, of, edible art! Today is the day I give the, Triple Berry Pie, a try! I have taken it upon myself to bake something new (with any luck at all, every day) for as long as...well, as long as I feel like it. While, every one I know & every cell in my body, is excited about my "dulce' undertaking" waistline is not! Nevertheless, I'll be making this pie today & my taste buds & I are above & beyond excited about. it.


4 years ago on Step 3

I made this pie for Thanksgiving and it was a big hit. Not just pretty but delicicous. I used my deep dish pie plate because it has a wider rim which I thought would support the leaf crust better and sometimes berry pies splatter a lot. I think that the depth contributed to the upper right edge of the crust caving in during baking. Next time I will use the regular pie plate. In my haste to get it done, I forgot to brush the tops of the leaves with glaze (I did use it for "glue") so mine is less shiny than the example.

This pie is much easier to make than it appears and it was super fun!! The thing that *was* very time consuming is returning the dough to the refrigerator for chilling -- *many* times. So plan your time better than I did! Here is the overall plan: Make dough - divide in half and chill. Roll out bottom, put in pie plate and chill. Roll out top, cut out shapes, put on parchment-covered cookie sheet and chill. Assemble entire thing and chill. Only then do you bake. I will definitely be making this pie again and I thank kathrynl for this excellent Instructable.

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4 years ago on Step 3

Would I be able to make this pie a day in advance?


5 years ago on Introduction

This was so yummy - the crust was flaky and buttery and the berries were perfectly sweet... Didn't need anything but I couldn't resist a little dollop of cream ;)
I didn't have any cookie cutters so cut up the leaves by hand, and cut small strips which i rolled up while pinching 1 side to create a rosebud look. See pics for before and after baking / eating... Thanks so much for sharing! :)


6 years ago on Introduction

What a beautiful way to fancy up a pie! Absolutely genius and beautiful too!


8 years ago on Introduction

This pie looks amazing....I would love to enter it in next county fair! (with your permission) Thank you for sharing!

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Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Absolutely! I'd love to see how your pie turns out, if you get a chance to put up a photo.


6 years ago on Introduction

This project was highlighted on the Huffington Post along with other creative ways to top pies. Congratulations! Check it


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I guess my picture isn't getting posted, don't know why, let me try again.