Turks Head Knot





Introduction: Turks Head Knot

Two turks head knots I made around my camping axes the orange one is a 3 bight 7 turn knot and is 12 inches long with 4 passes, the other one is a 3 bight 3 turn knot and is 7 inches long with 5 passes



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    Ellie I dont currently have the instructions but kevin gagne on youtube has a few great videos on how to do it that where I learned and yes you can make a bracelet when I get some time ill make a steb by step picture slide to help

    Its funny because as im a noob I still know that in the requirements of this contest I just meet them and in the email I recieved just after I entered my item it said the admits will check it for qualifications /and or mistakes so since it got accepted I think it meets the standards

    It is so annoying to click on an "instructable" and find there are no instructions. There should be some way for the admins to remove these......

    well as great as those may look, I do believe the the purpose of doing an INSTRUCTABLE is to provide INSTRUCTIONS.

    Love the way these look, I have been looking for EASY turks head instructions, so if you have some instructions that would be great. Also can a bracelet be made?? I have only seen turks head as 'wraps'. THANKS

    where's the instructions?