Turn a Penny Gold

Introduction: Turn a Penny Gold

Materials needed!!!

  • safety glasses
  • 20 flakes of sodium hydroxide
  • 20 ml water
  • 20 ml zinc
  • bunsen burner
  • 2 50 ml beakers
  • Clean pennies
  • gloves
  • tongs
  • hot plate

Step 1: Process to Turn a Penny Gold

You will first have to turn the penny silver. Once you turn your penny silver do not mess with it to much because all that happens it the zinc coats it silver so of you mess with it to much it will go back to the original color.

Step 2: Put 5 Ml of Zinc and About 15 Ml of Water and 5 Flakes of Sodium Hydroxide in a Beaker (DO NOT MIX!!!!) Boiling Water Will Take Care of Mixing That Is Needed.

Step 3: Let Boil on Hot Plate Until You See It Boiling

When we were doing our experiment we noticed that when we did the first main step (turning it silver) that it literally just puts a coat of zinc on the copper. it does not stain it like we thought it would but once you put the silver penny in the fire it burns the zinc and it stains it gold. that is why you dont want to fondle with the silver penny to much.


Step 4: Turn Off Heat When at a Boil

Step 5: Put CLEAN Copper Penny in Mixture

Step 6: Let Sit in Hot Water Until It Turns Silver

Step 7: Take Out With Tongs and Dip in Cool Water

Make sure the tongs don't have rubber on the part that will hold the penny!

Step 8: Shake Off Extra Water

Step 9: Now We Can Turn the Penny GOLD!!!! :D

Step 10: Put Over Bunsen Burner Until Gold (It Should Turn Gold Right Away).

Do not use rubber tongs like we did!


Step 11: You Now Have a Gold Penny!!! :D

WARNING: once you have turned a penny gold it is not spendable.

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    3 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago on Step 11

    Propose an explanation for what you think occurred during phase 2 to turn your penny “gold”


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Can you put your videos on Youtube? Great breakdown of the process into smalle steps.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    yes I will try and the penny turns into brass!!!!