Turn Your Office Chair Into a Simple Motion Simulator!


Introduction: Turn Your Office Chair Into a Simple Motion Simulator!

A tutorial on how to create a simple motion simulator! Your chair will vibrate according to the content of the movie/game/music you are listening to! It's very easy and cheap! Have fun doing it!

***Disclaimer*** The following is for informational purposes only, I take no responsibility for what you do with this knowledge.

Step 1: What You Need

Sorry it is my first tutorial so it could be that it is not as good as others but i try it.. :) and I am Italian so my English also isn't the best!

I have less pictures of this project because i built it out of a active subwoofer and so it is a bit different. but its very easy and watching the final clip you will understand everything.

IMPORTANT: Before you search for the materials read through the whole tutorial else you will have problems to fit the parts together!

What you need is:

1) a old speaker from 40W upwards

2) a Hi-Fi with "line in" or a amplifier.

3) a 100 to 200g weight, if possible flat and round. (i made mine melting some lead into a steel cup.)

4) some wires

5) screws

6) a office chair to use


1) sharp cutter,

2) soldering iron

3) screwdriver

4) glue suitable for the material of weight you use

I used this active subwoofer. Active means that it has a amplifier inside and does not need an additional one. The disadvantage of mine is that it uses a signal coming from the player to switch on and off so I had to bridge the circuit.

Step 2: Prepare the Speaker

The speakers are not all the same. Basically you can find 3 different kinds of speaker:

1) (most common) you will see the membrane and at the center of it a tiny rounded membrane.

2) you will see the membrane and a smaller hi frequency speaker at the center of it (this one is not suited for our project)

3) (best for this project but most difficult to find, can be found inside woofers) you will see the membrane and a round flat 5cm disc at the center.

In both suitable cases you need to remove the membrane, letting the lower (usually brown) membrane intact. Be careful not to cut the upper membrane where the wires are attached. If you make it correct you are going to let only a 2 cm large peace of the upper membrane removing the rest. This step is important, else your chair is going to play music.. :D

Now to the second part of preparing the speaker: this is different for the case 1 and case 3 speakers (see above). for the case 1 speaker you need to cut away the little rounded membrane at the center. After removing it you will see a hole, it is a cylinder on which the coil is mounted. You can use this hole to mount your weight. It is important that you do NOT deform the cylinder else the coil touches the magnet and it could start to burn. the best way to do this is to put a little peace of garden tubing inside the tube and then screw a big screw inside using it as a weight.

For case 3 speakers everything is easier. if you can find one of these it is better for several reasons:
MUCH more powerful
easier to build
usually a low frequency speaker
you can find these inside subwoofers.
in this case you need to glue a weight centered on the disc (use the correct glue!). thats it.. :)

Step 3: Setting Everything Together

Nearly Finished!

Solder the wires to the two speaker connectors.

connect the amplifier or the Hi-Fi to the pc/tv/player and the speaker to the hi-fi. sit down and play!

Step 4: Watch the Movie...



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    35 Discussions

    What do you mean by 'garden pipe'? Is is a piece of hose or some hard piping? How do you find one that fits inside the cylinder perfectly?

    this is really awesome! i stuck 2 speakers to the bottom of my chair, and made it all nice and silent.. but it shakes the crap out of my chair! its so cool! it really adds another dimension to the music/sound your hearing

    1 reply

    Hey Sharky! So I have made a few of these chairs and even mounted some on a couch. But usually I game with headphones and I have a quick tip for those who also do. Go into your windows audio control panel and choose your speaker setup. Choose 5.1 channel and then on the next screen, uncheck the rear speakers and center. Then plug the headphones into the front speaker channel and the sub into the sub channel. You will get the 5 channels dowmixed into the headphones and then the rumble in the sub.

    1 reply

    nice to see that you like it.. :) maybe mail me some pictures of oyurs! sharkyenergy at hotmail o com... o is a dot ofcourse.. :D and thanks for the tip! didnt think of that!

    Dude!! This amazing! If you had a large monitor, surround sound headphones, a gaming vest, and this you would be in the game!

    7 replies

    Lol, I know. It's 50 times what he recommends to use! It's an 18 inch subwoofer, I might have to get a four legged chair so there's room on the bottom.

    lol.. :D why not sit directly into the woofer? :D by the way did you check alsy my other tutorials? i have one that simualtes speed that is pretty cool combined with this one...

    totally agree! you could get your house on fire if not vertical.. the speaker can only stay horizontal if the membran is not broken.

    I have the type 3 speaker and have removed the top membrane, but the lower one, ie. the lower yellow one in your picture is still there. My chair plays music. Should I remove the lower one?

    3 replies

    hi! you can not remove teh lower one because it is used to hold the coild inplace. but you can cut out a peace of ti like i did in the picture, but you have to be careful that the coil is still stable. how many watt does your speaker have? what weight did you put on it? is the chair working as expected? a little bit of sound will allways come from your chair, but not much, you can easily overcme that with your game sound. hope this helps.. :)

    Hey thanks. The chair is working very well. I used a flat round rock as the weight. (Hey, it works great). The speaker is a 120 watt subwoofer speaker. And of course, I never notice the sound coming out from the chair when I have my sound system on, but I also like to play with just headphones and that is when I really notice it, lol. Anyway, that is what I wanted to know, if it was OK to take a bit of the lower membrane out. BTW, you rock dude. And my chair is amazing!

    hehe, thank you very much.. nice to see that someboddy is actually building something iv'e put on here.. :) hope you enjoy it and maybe check out my other tutorials! ;) cu igor