Turn Your T-shirt Into a Fitted Dress!




Introduction: Turn Your T-shirt Into a Fitted Dress!

Combine the comfort of your favorite t-shirt with the versatility of a t-shirt dress.  You'll look neat and stylish.  And, best of all, it's easy!  

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Step 1: Start With Your Favorite T-shirt

Cut off the bottom hem of the t-shirt carefully.  Put it on and have someone measure how much additional length you need for your dress.  Or, lay the t-shirt on top of a dress that is the right length and measure how much additional length you need.  

Step 2: Get Another T-shirt in a Coordinating Color

This second t-shirt will be cut for the bottom of your dress and for the trim on the sleeves.  The bottom width of this t-shirt should be the same as the first t-shirt.  If shirt #2 is larger, it is fine, but you will need to make a new side seam in Step 4.

Step 3: Cut Bottom of Second Shirt for the Additional Length

Take the measurement you got for the extra length, and fold t-shirt #2 UP to that length plus 1 inch more.   If you are planning to hand sew, then add only 1/2 inch more.  Pin the material all around.  Make a small snip in the fold to insert your scissors.  Cut cleanly along the fold.  You now have a circular band.  

Step 4: Sew Band to Bottom of T-shirt

Insert the t-shirt inside the band with the right sides of each facing each other.  The cut edge of the band should be with the bottom of t-shirt #1.  If the band is much wider than t-shirt #1, then sew a side seam on the band so that t-shirt #1 will fit snugly, but smoothly inside. (To sew the side seam, turn the band inside out before sewing.)  With t-shirt #1 inside the band, pin the edges together.  Sew 1/2 inch from edge on the sewing machine.  If you hand sew, then whip stitch the edges together.

Step 5: Make the Dress "fitted" With a Waist

You now have a dress!  Put the dress on inside-out.  Find your waist and pin along the curve.

Step 6: Mark the Waist Line Curve

Use a crayon or chalk to mark the curve on each side. Then sew along the curve with the machine, or hand sew.  Note, if you want your dress to be straight, and not fitted, then skip this step and the previous step.

Step 7: Make the Contrasting Sleeve Bands

From the sleeves of t-shirt #2, measure off 3/4-inch above the hems.  Mark the line with crayon or chalk.  Cut off these bands. Lay the bands over the sleeve hems of your dress.  Fold the cut edges to the inside of the sleeves.  Sew the bands on the sleeves.

Step 8: Ta-da!

Your new, comfortable and cute t-shirt dress is finished!  Wear it as a dress in the summer, or with leggings in the winter, or as a tunic.  Now make some more with all those extra t-shirts you have in your drawers!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Really great 'ible! I have tons of concert shrits and I think it would ROCK to turn a few into sexy dresses! Thanks for sharing!