Tutorial How to Use Arduino Data Logging Shield



Arduino Data Logging Shield is an external shield which has build in real time clock(RTC) and SD card which is able to record your data according to the time. The data obtained from your sensors can be recorded into a FAT16 or FAT32 forat SD card. They can later be used to analyse the performance or efficiency of sensors or data.

Just plug in the module to your existing Arduino UNO and you can start to use the module. This module also have 3.3V voltage regulator which ensure voltage provided is sufficient for the usage of SD card.

Step 1: Materials Preparation

For this tutorial, the items needed to run this project are:

1. Arduino UNO

2. Arduino Data Logging Shield

Step 2: Hardware Installation

Insert the shield on top of your Arduino directly and it is ready to be used. When connected, the red LED on top of the shield will light up and it indicates that the shield successfully connected to Arduino.

Step 3: Source Code

To use the shield, the 2 following library should be used. RTClib library is to provide the real time clock function while SD library is to provide the storage function for data harvested from sensors.

The template provided also help you to start up with the RTC and SD card function.



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