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I bet that you can't imagine what this lamp is made of! Just like all the things I do, this lamp is made with materials that all of you have in your house. Newspapers and plastic bags, completely upcycled!
Don't worry, it's not as hard as you may think! :)


Step 1:

Tear a page of newspaper into many little pieces.
Mix some white glue with very little water in a pot, just to make it more fluid.

Once you have these 2 things ready, blow up a balloon: this will be the base of your lamp so make it as big as you want, but remember that your lamp will get bigger after you've added pieces of plastic bag around it.

Start gluing your pieces of newspaper on the balloon with the glue you prepared: spread some glue on the balloon, lay your piece of paper on the glue and add some more glue on it. Continue this way until your cover the whole surface of your balloon, one piece after the other. 
Once you're done, do at least another two layers to make it hard enough, and let it dry for at least a night.

Step 2:

Meanwhile take a plastic bag and cut the handles and the bottom. This way you will have a big piece of plastic, easier to use.
Cut 10x44cm (3.93 x 17.32 inches) strips out of the bag. Don't worry about the longest side, it can be a little smaller or bigger than 44cm, the result will be perfect anyway. 
I can't tell the exact number of strips you will need because it all depends on how big your balloon is, but I can tell you that you will need MANY so make sure to have more than one plastic bag.

Hint: your lamp will result much better and softer if you use a very thin plastic bag.

Step 3:

Take a strip and start folding one of the shortest sides, about 1cm (0.39 inches).
Now turn your piece of plastic upside down and fold the same side again. (Take a look at the pictures)
Keep doing this until you reach the opposite side. It's just like making a fan!
Press it a little then open it.
Fold it in half but be careful and delicate, don't press it now.
Close one of the longest sides with your fingers and secure with a stapler or adhesive tape. This way you will obtain something like a "double fan" as you can see in the pictures.

Do the same for all your strips.

Step 4:

When you are sure that the base of your lamp is dry, pop the balloon with a pin and remove it.

Now that you have your hard base, cut about 2/3 of it (maybe a little less) and throw the remaining part away.

Step 5:

Try to find the center at the top of your base and trace a circle around it with a diameter of about 3cm (1.18 inches). This also depends on how big your light bulb is so you may need a bigger circle. Cut the circle out: this is the hole for your light bulb. 
Don't worry if the center is not really accurate, you will barely notice it later.

Step 6:

The paper of the base is not transparent so I decided to make some cuts on it to let the light come out from the sides as well.

To do this, trace some lines around the base as you can see in the pictures, making them about 2 or 3mm thick (0.09 inches) then cut them.

Don't worry about being accurate because they will be hidden by the plastic.

Step 7:

It's time to put all pieces together! So prepare your paper base and your pieces of plastic.

Take one piece of plastic, bend the end (the part that you closed with the stapler) and stick it to the bottom of the base, using a small piece of double-sided tape. 
Continue this way with other pieces of plastic, sticking them one next to the other until you cover the whole bottom. Proceed this way covering the rest of the base.
Remember not to cover the cuts your made previously with tape. Use them as guiding lines.

Step 8:

You will probably need to make more plastic "fans" before you finish...

It took me a whole afternoon to do it but I can't express the satisfaction I felt looking at the result! I am very proud of it.

I recommend using LEDs or at least an energy saving bulb because regular light bulbs get too hot and might burn the lamp. Remember that it's made with paper and plastic so be careful! If you use LEDs there won't be any problem.

What do you think?? :)



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4 years ago on Introduction

Brilliant idea! Congratulations! :D

The ballon with newspaper and vinavil is from Art Attack, doesn't it? :D I can recognize it everywhere! ahaha


2 replies

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

haha è vero, lo ammetto! Anche se ce l'hanno fatto fare varie volte anche a scuola...per fortuna, perchè a casa non concludevo mai niente! :D

Art Attack è stato il mio programma preferito per taaaaaanti anni!


Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

è stato uno dei programmi che ha salvato la nostra generazione! :D

Ancora mi ricordo le "pitture" di sale di Neil, il Grande Artista! :D

lindarose92Divya sooraj

Reply 5 years ago on Step 8

I am glad you like it! Please post a picture here if you make it, I am curious to see it!! :)


6 years ago on Step 8

it was so creative. amazing. your idea of using the balloon to make the mold of the lamp was very great.
thank you for your sharing. it was so nice and pretty.

1 reply

6 years ago on Introduction

I love this Tutu lamp, it's very pretty and tactile. I am a bit worried re-fire or plastic melting so I suggest Led's or other "cool" globes. Good tutorial.

2 replies

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Don't worry, it's always good to remember this, I don't want to cause any fire :D
Thank you very much! :)


Super!!!! AAAA+++++ Easy for Kids too.... Love this for my grand children.. Thanks and keep making more great things. :-)

1 reply

6 years ago on Introduction

This looks really nice...will try one in pink for my daughter :-) good job!
btw...where are you from? what language? as you explain very well in English! :-)