Two-Axis Pan/Tilt Servo Platform



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Two-Axis Pan Tilt Servo Platform For Camera/Sensors is a servo based 2 axis pan and tilt mechanism for mounting wireless/ wired camera and sensors on robot assembly. Panning , rolling and tilting is achieved by controlling Servo motors using PWM pulses. Suitable for DIY panning and tilting application in projects.

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Step 1: Part List

All meterial from Makeblock

· ·2 x Servo Pack (Purchase quantity:2)

· ·1 x 130 DC Motor (Purchase quantity:1)

· ·1 x Me Orion (Purchase quantity:1)

· ·1 x Me RJ25 Adapter (Purchase quantity:1)


Step 2: Constructing Steps

Step 3: Assembling

Step 4: Wiring

Step 5: Coding



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