USB Barcode Scanner (Raspberry Pi)

Introduction: USB Barcode Scanner (Raspberry Pi)

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Basic tutorial of how to setup a USB barcode scanner with the Raspberry Pi.

Step 1: Parts

RPI 3 –

4 Amp Power Adapter –

16GB Micro SD –

USB Barcode Scanner:

Step 2: Setup

1. Plug in USB Barcode Scanner to Raspberry Pi

2. Boot Pi and open terminal

Type "sudo raspi-config"

3. Go to interfacing options and enable "Serial"

4. Install dependencies

Type "pip install requests"

5. Navigate to and create a free account and take note of api key

6. Edit line 6 of and enter your api key

7. Type "sudo python" to run script (press ctrl+c to exit script)

Step 3: Code


"pip install requests"


sudo python

Step 4: Additional Info



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    6 Discussions

    where do i find the api key? what does it look like?


    Question 3 months ago

    Is a pi3 mandatory? I have a pi2, and I'm running into difficulties getting python script to respond with python2, and python3 can't install request.


    Question 5 months ago

    Hello, i'm completely new with the raspberrypi. I've used arduino alot but was wondering what u use the micro SD and jumper cables for. I can't find any use for them in your project, do you have a cicuit I can follow?

    It shows an error called
    No such file/directory dev/hidraw0 exists
    how should I fix it?

    1 more answer

    What version RPI are you running it on? Are you running it in sudo? Try running the updated the code.


    10 months ago

    Hi there... I just wanted to know if it is possible to buy any bar code scanner to work with this code.. can we?

    Thank you in advance!!