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Introduction: USB Flash Drive Bracelet

About: Hi, my name is Britt Michelsen, I'm a Chemical Engineer especially interested in Computational Fluid Dynamics. To balance all the theoretical work I like to make stuff in my free time.

In this instructable I'm going to show you, how to make your own USB flash drive bracelet. I've seen quite a few before, but never really liked the designs. My goal was to hide the flash drive entirely in the bracelet. I decided to make one with yarn and after a short search I found this amazing blog post, that already showed what I had in mind.

Step 1: What You Need


• Embroidery thread (I used about 12m)
• Flexible cardboard
• Duct tape
• Tape
• Super glue
• Verbatim TUFF 'N' TINY USB Flash Drive (e.g. on


• Scissors
• Ruler

Step 2:

Cut the cardboard to a width of 3.2 cm and a length that matches your wrist. Remember to make it slightly longer, because the yarn and duct tape will make it tighter.
Then fold the cardboard length wise in half and tape it close with the duck tape, but remember to leave the ends open, as shown in the first image. Cut one end open, put duct tape on the inside and tape it back close. This side is going to be your cap so make sure that it fits without sliding out. Now peel the casing of the flash drive off. To smoothen the edges of it (else the end can be seen through the bracelet) fold a piece of cardboard and use the super glue to glue it to the flash drive. Leave enough space as shown in the third picture to make sure that you get a tight fit. Glue the flash drive to the inside of your tube and make sure that it closes, without leaving a gap.

Step 3:

Start by dividing the length of your bracelet by the number of colours you would like to use and how often you would like to use each, to know how long each segment is going to be.
Use tape to secure the first yarn and apply super glue to the rim of your bracelet, to prevent it from sliding down. Wrap the yarn around your bracelet, as close as you can and once you are done tape the end to it as shown in the second image. To change the colour tape the new one slightly above the old one and wrap it around as close, as possible. Once you are done secure the end of the last colour by applying super glue underneath it.

Have fun with your new bracelet.

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Right now, Amazon doesn't have the drive and they don't know if they will get more.

(The product may be discontinued.)

Are you a pro member? You need to be one to download.

(I'm not one either.)

Really cool! You've got my vote

could you not use string, but colored duck tape instead, and use the lid of the usb as a closure? although, i only looked at the pictures

This is really cool! Instead of using string, you could use circut duct tape!

Hi, thats a cool band up there. this is my usb i dont know how to open it and i really want to make that band. I love it.

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Hey there! I've had flash drives like yours, and it might not work the best for this design because it's longer internally. However, if you still want to open it up, there should be a couple grooves along the sides of the drive. You can wedge a knife in there and crack it open, but be warned, you probably will break the casing.

Hi, I think making the bracelet the way I did with your USB drive is difficult. Maybe you can just make an entire bracelet with a small pouch in which the USB drive fits.

there us a SanDisk USB that you can buy which the total length is about 2 cm, and can go up to 32gb, so its good for this bracelet. I had one of these, except it was a watch that could not only show time/date, but could show how much space is available on the drive built in bracelet style. Sadly it got wet and stopped working. :(

I've just finished mine and as you said IT WORKS !
I used a very old USB key so it's thicker and the width is 4.2 cm ( instead of 3.2 )

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Very cool project !
I have just one question : does anybody try this with a "normal" USB key , i mean a bigger usb port ?

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Thanks! I don't see why it shouldn't work. Your bracelet will just get thicker.

amazing 'ible as always and great taste in fashion! The color combination really rocks! Well done!

As far as I know only pro members can download it. Send me a pm with your email address and I'll email it to you.