PL2303 Module USB to TTL Interfacing With Pc Tutorial



Introduction: PL2303 Module USB to TTL Interfacing With Pc Tutorial


It's a small USB to TTL serial tool, using the PL2303 chip. You can use it to connect some serial device to your PC via USBB port.


  • Module Type : AdapterBoard
  • Size : 4.6 x 1.5 x 1.1cm
  • Operation Level : Digital 5V
  • Power Supply : External 5V

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Step 1: Material Preparation

For this tutorial, you will need to prepare as following:

1. PL2303 Modules USB to TTL
2. HC-06 Bluetooth Module
3. Female-Female Jumper
4. Your own smartphone

Step 2: Pin Connection

The connections between HC06 Bluetooth Module & the PL2303 USB TO TTL are as below :

  • VCC to 5V
  • GND to GND
  • TXD to RXD
  • RXD to TXD.

Step 3: Drivers

When PL2303 Module USB TO TTL connected to PC, you have to install the driver for Prolific 2303.

Step 4: Connect to PC

After you have succesfully installing driver on the previous step, connect PL2303 USB to TTL Module to your pc's USB Port and your pc will automatically update the driver and show you the port com number for PL2303 Module. You can check it at Windows Device Installation or you can go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Port.

Step 5: Bluetooth Terminal

To communicate, you need Terminal software for your android phone and pc. Thus, you have to install “BLUETOOTH TERMINAL” from playstore for your phone to communicate. Select the one with Bluetooth symbol (refer image) and install it. Open the installed Bluetooth terminal. On the top you can see a connect button and at its left bottom a small drop down arrow (red square box in the pic above) can be seen. Touch that drop down to see the available devices and select HC-06.

NOTE : The fast blinking of LED on HC05 SLOWS DOWN TO ONE BLINK per second indicating that it has been paired with a Master (Android phone).

Step 6: Serial Com Tool

Now, we have to install a Terminal software to allow communication on your pc. Download the Mybotic Serial Com Tool v1.0.rar, open and install it on your pc.

As you have already plugged in the USB to TTL to your pc's USB port, open mybotic serial com tool and they will automatically select your com number. Now, click the open button and your com number can succesfully be use. My com number is COM12 as you can see on the image attached above. Enter the Speed as 9600 which is the Baud Rate of communication.

Step 7: Result

Now, you can try the communication between this two.

  • To send message from pc to phone, type at the yellow box (refer first pic) and click 'Write' button.
  • The message received from the pc will appear on the black square box in your phone.
  • To send from phone to pc, just type the words on the green box (refer second pic) and enter send. You could notice that message send from phone to pc have ">:" before the text message.
  • The message received from the phone will be shown at the "Read", red box (refer first pic).

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