Unusual Use for Tooth Paste: Shoe Cleaner!




Surprisingly, tooth paste works well on shoes by taking off scuff and other marks. It is sticky and can pull out most stains from your shoes.

Here is the list of supplies that you need:
~An old scuffed or marked pair of shoes
~An old tube of tooth paste (or a new one if you prefer) ( and it can't be gel tooth paste, just regular paste)
~An older washcloth
~An old toothbrush

This is a picture of my shoe before cleaning it.

Step 1: Preparing the Washcloth!

The first step on your way to a clean shoe is to wet your washcloth with warm water so that it is only wet on one corner. The other parts of the washcloth will be used later to rinse and dry off your shoe. Make sure you ring out the washcloth before you continue onto the next step, so that water doesn't get all over the place while you clean.

Step 2: Add Your Tooth Paste!

Add a small amount of tooth paste to the wet part of your washcloth, and rub the tooth paste so that it isn't in one big clump. Make sure there isn't too much paste, but add enough to use on your shoe.

*note: Sorry my tube isn't clean...it's an old tube :) *

Step 3: Scrub a Dub Dub!

Take the end of your washcloth that is wet with tooth paste and rub the parts of your shoes that have stains with small circular motions. When you see that a stain or scuff is almost gone, move onto the next stain. 

Step 4: Stubborn Stains!

If you have stubborn stains that won't come off, use your old toothbrush to make circular motions over the stain. The bristles will help to grab anything sticky or gooey off the shoe. Don't scrub too hard though!

Step 5: Rinse Time!

Wipe off any excess tooth paste from the shoe with a clean, wet area of your wash cloth. Don't forget to wipe away any dirt left behind! Remember to dry off your shoe after, because you don't want to slip.

Step 6: Voila!

Now that your shoe is free from ugly scuffs and marks, it should look clean and new! Impress your friends with this technique, and clean for less with your old tooth paste! It is a simple and easy cleaner to use!

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    13 Discussions

    Audrey Jayne

    1 year ago

    this is rEALLY COOL I HAVE been meaning to clean my shoes and this is an easier way to do it.


    2 years ago

    I think I have a thougher kind of rubber on my shoes, because my shoes are kind of more yellowish than white. I may have rushed this guide when I used it. I just used a fair amount on both shoes, rubbing it all over ther soles, under and around the sides, and let it sit for a good 20 minutes before I took a warm towel and rubbed / wiped the toothpaste until it got cleaner and til the toothpaste was visually gone. I am not giving this guide a "10/10", since I've spent some time to rubb it with the towel and rinsing the towel through the process. The colour of my shoes soles are whiter but still kind of yellow with some darker spots / dirt here and there. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I put too little effort in it, or that I didn't follow the guide thoroughly, or that my shoes have another type of rubber that's harder to clean than other shoes? But I will still recommend this guide as it may be perfect for someone else. I may look into other methods to get my shoes whiter.

    Please vote for me in the Bathroom Challenge! I appreciate all of everyone's support, and good luck to all entries! :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    GRR! I dislike you. I did this during the summer and I was gonna do it for the contest too! Now I'm sad..

    1 reply